Kuchma on Cadence: I thought he’d live to be a hundred

The ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma during a ceremony of farewell with the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine Leonid Kadenuk spoke with reporters and shared their memories about the Ukrainian astronaut.

“I thought he was up to a hundred years to live. I often spoke with him. You know, it is almost lately was without a job, unclaimed, although he is a very talented man. And to communicate with him was very easy – he always behaved not Recalling that he had the opportunity to be proud of themselves and their act, as well as famous to all of us a flight,” he said.

Kuchma also reminded of the famous flight into space, which made Kadenyuk.

“Absolutely not feel that he is worried that it is necessary to fly in space, was like an ordinary event for him. Very strong the man was… I then had a conversation with him. The impression is that he commits his next flight on a normal aircraft,” he added.

His memories of Cadence also shared the ex-presidents of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk and Viktor Yushchenko.

“A strong man, young, smart. Is a hero, not just formally, “hero star”, he is a hero essentially. He was able to talk convincingly, which gave the impression that you yourself are in space. His eyes glowed when he said it was the most memorable to me, – said Kravchuk.

“Not every astronaut prepared as commander of the spacecraft. He was one of the few prepared for the command of an expedition”, – said Victor Yushchenko.

Today in the club of Cabinet of Ministers held a farewell ceremony for the Leonid Kadenuk. The funeral will be held at 14:00 on baykovoye cemetery.

Recall, the first Ukrainian cosmonaut Leonid Kadenyuk died 31 January while Jogging in the Park “Tsarskoe Selo”. He was 67 years old. Kadenyuk was born on 28 January 1951 in the village of Klishkovtsy, Khotyn Raion, Chernivtsi region in the family of rural teachers.

In 1995 he was selected to the group of astronauts of the National space Agency of Ukraine. He passed training for a space flight at NASA on the American space Shuttle as a payload specialist.

In the period from 19 November to 5 December 1997, made a space flight on the American Shuttle “Columbia” mission STS-87. During the flight performed the biological experiments of the joint Ukrainian-American experience with three types of plants: turnip, soybean, and moss.