Kiev has cleared the snow from 270 units and 29 brigades Kyivavtodor

From the evening of 8 February, in order to prevent the formation of slipperiness and snow setups, avtodorovtsy processed spreadings roads and streets of the capital. Initially, bridges, overpasses, descents and ascents, of main street, which runs public transport. This was reported in the QC kievavtodor, the press service of the KSCA.

KP said that night for rapid removal of the wide thoroughfares of the city they were clearing the large and small pillars of snow removal equipment.

For treatment and cleaning of sidewalks and public transport attracted tractors with special snow-removal equipment, the latest equipment of European production Bucher. His work attracted 270 pieces of equipment and 29 brigades of manual cleaning.

On the morning of February 9, road builders continue to operate in emergency mode: clear the snow from the streets of local importance and approaches to pedestrian crossings.

Experts Kyivavtodor are closely monitoring the situation on the road network and shall take all measures for the organization of safe conditions of transportation in the capital.

Recall that the harvesting and processing adjoining areas 3819 provide employees of housing plots. Only in the capital to overcome the effects of bad weather are ready for more than 600 units of snowplows.