In Zhytomyr region detected poachers, who killed two endangered moose

In the Zhytomyr region, near the village Budo-Vorob’i Malyn district, were found the remains of two dead moose. This was reported by concerned local residents, according to the State environmental inspecie in Zhytomyr region on the page in Facebook.

As reported On, the reaction was instantaneous, as close to the specified in the address space held a RAID on compliance with environmental legislation. Also at the scene was caused by a patrol of the National police, which along with the inspectors began search operations.

The result was discovered the remains of two elk, in particular the head, hooves, skin and intestines, indicating that the poachers were dismantled carcasses in haste.

Task force of the National police in cooperation with state inspectors-environmentalists managed to get on the trail of criminals. Against them by investigators Malin police Department began criminal proceedings under article 248 of the criminal code of Ukraine – illegal hunting. Malefactors are threatened by imprisonment for up to 5 years.

The state Inspectorate also said that the killed male elk European belonged to a species which is listed in the Red book. In addition, due to the low population of elk in the European in Ukraine (the number is variously estimated at from 2 to 6 thousand animals) in Ukraine there is a ban on hunting this species for 25 years. The moratorium imposed by the Ministry of ecology and natural resources, entered into force on 6 February 2017.