Fifty Shades highlight disappointed critics


Critics were lined up to the final part of the Fifty Shades trilogy take a beating, with a call to “even ropier than the second”.

Fifty Shades Freed, departs Robbie Collin in The Telegraph, has “zero” the nuances of “gray” in addition to acts, and a screenplay by Niall Leonard, do not “add”.

The Guardian agrees, calling the third film based on EL James ‘ erotic fiction “slack and predictable”.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in a lead role in the Film, in the UK on Friday.

Directed by James Foley, he had its world premiere in France at the beginning of this week.

Fifty Shades Freed sees Johnson is Anastasia Steele and sexy millionaire Christian Grey (Dornan) finally tie the knot.

But their marital life is complicated by her psychotic ex-boss and what the variety reviewer calls “a thin, illogical kidnapping climax”.

“The series’ former tart variety of battle-of-sexes-Comedy bled almost completely out of the company,” writes Guy Lodge in the journal.

“In the sense of drama, or melodrama, or simply a bad drama, to be Released only rarely delivers the goods,” concludes Jordan Mintzer in the Hollywood Reporter.

Pop star Rita Ora plays Dornan’s sister in the film and also performs on the soundtrack with the former One Direction member Liam Payne.

At the end of the Youtube post by FiftyShadesVEVO

Writing for screen Daily, critic Ben Croll says the film offers fans of the franchise “all the wealth and tastefully soft-core decadence, you have to be expected”.

However, according to The Wrap, Anna Hartley, “the sex scenes seem like an afterthought, inserted to remind the reason, the series is a phenomenon.”

Original Fifty Shades of Grey movie Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson and in the year 2015 published for more than $571m (£411m) in the world.

Its first sequel, ” Fifty Shades Darker – according to the screenplay by Leonard, husband of EL James – $381m (£275m), when it was published in the following year.

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