Child and faith for dollars. As US soldiers bought Turkish children

MOSCOW, 24 Jan — RIA Novosti, Philip Prokudin, Ivan Vorontsov. In Turkey, there was a scandal. American soldiers who served in Incirlik air base, buying from local residents children for adoption. In the US the kids had converted to Christianity. The reporters found that this practice was widespread in the region 1980-1990’s- then a Turkish province lived very poorly. What does the dramatic story of the adopted children have the foreign policy of Ankara in the material RIA Novosti.
“Faith of trafficked children”

Popular Turkish talk show format “trash” pleased the audience with a story of the American Brittany and Michelle, who during a television was found with her biological parents from Turkey. Brittany and Michelle were born in the province of Adana, near the U.S. military base in Incirlik, and at birth was named Cecil and Hatice. But just found out about this adults.

The continuation of this story was as melodramatic. The Prosecutor in Adana launched an investigation in the area, where is the American military base, arrived the social workers.

The reason for the disturbance is different for everyone. Thus, the lawyer separated at birth sisters Brittany and Michelle ozel, Hatice Bakirci indicates unsightly the role of his colleagues — lawyer Life Kumak, brokered the sale of children. When Michelle was 18, Kumak contacted her and said that she was adopted, but her biological parents, and two, obviously, is also adopted brothers refused to speak. “It is wrong in itself. And she (Kumak. — Primas’. ed.) have not said anything about brothers, Cecil and Hatice, citing attorney-client privilege”, — quotes the edition of Daily Sabah negoduya Bakirci.
Michelle and Brittany on the Turkish talk show Esra Erol’da

Turkish journalists gave the audience the sensation: it turns out that the us military base in Incirlik adopted children of local residents, paying their parents a reward. Kids were taken away in the United States and converted to Christianity. In the latter circumstance the Turkish journalists emphasized particularly. The story in the electronic media catchy and bitingly entitled: “Faith sold to children.”
“Will Turkey not to buy the dollar”

A poll by journalists of local residents showed that the history of Brittany and Michelle are not unique. In 1980-1990-ies of the U.S. military often adopt children for the money. Adana — not the poorest region of the country, but is bordered underdeveloped areas East and Southeast of Turkey. In 1980-1990-ies, when Ankara was desperately trying to find its own model of development, the economy of the country was in a fever — ranged inflation and unemployment. Rural population with traditionally large families in the absence of social assistance had sometimes just to survive.
Local residents with children in the cart, in the province of Adana in southern Turkey. Two thousand thirteen

In those years, Turkey felt like a fully secular state, the Constitution was really the basic law and the adoption procedure is not complicated. Impoverished rural dwellers often prefer to have their children taken away in rich countries. And not refused from cash assistance.

By a strange coincidence the story in the Turkish media appeared on the background of a sharp cooling of relations between Ankara and Washington. The head of the research company A&G Adil gür said in an interview with “Sputnik Turkey” that anti-American sentiment in the country in recent years intensified. “Studies show that people do not consider US a friend and ally of Turkey. After a coup attempt on 15 July (military coup of 2016. — Primas’. ed.) and ignoring America such important requirements of Turkey as, for example, extradition of Muslim preacher and leader of FETO Fethullah Gulen, the number of those who do not consider US a friend and ally of Turkey, over 90 percent,” says the gure. The sociologist believes that the story of adopted children “were already lying on richly flavored anti-American sentiments of the soil.”

Now it’s time for the Turkish media to do another attack in the direction of Washington. In December the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan pathetically reproached his American colleague for the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “Dear tramp, you can’t buy the will of Turkey for dollars, we are extremely strong. I appeal to the whole world”, — was indignant the Turkish leader.
“Contrary to the values of society”

The public scandal with bought children reacted in different ways. Many people solidaritatii line with mainstream media. 35-year-old Nurjan comments in the “Sputnik” Turkey resents the fact that kids are torn away from their roots and culture. “If Turkey today is faced with the problem of children who were raised by a terrorist organization, FETO, no one can guarantee that tomorrow or the day after and these children are already grown, will not become another disaster for our country,” she plays a cliché of the media.

48-year-old Erdem at the end of 1980-ies worked in Incirlik, which communicated with the us military. “I personally have not witnessed such incidents, but what became clear, is absolutely unacceptable. What it has done, completely contrary to the values of Turkish society,” he says.

30-year-old Eileen calls this foul-smelling story, but acknowledges that it is typical for the provinces in the region: “I’m not so surprised at what happened in this province. The people there ten children, and they are ready to abandon parental rights. I feel sad about that, as observed laws in the country.”

The story of adopted children shows that in Turkey for two or three decades there have been significant changes. After a series of economic experiments, the country’s economy grew. And in the political system began a slow but fundamental change. The supporting structures of the secular state gradually dismantled. Hence, Turkey may soon expect more and sharp turns of political fate.