AR: the Russian attackers behind trying to ferret out military secrets to the US

The hacker group Fancy Bear tried to contact about 90 people connected with defense projects

Russian attackers behind, trying to ferret out the secrets of military drones and other secret military technology of the USA, tried the trick to get email addresses of key contract employees.

To such conclusion came the investigation of the Associated Press.

What information could be, in the end, stolen is unknown, but hackers apparently used a vulnerability in national security is poorly protected email and the almost complete lack of direct notification of victims.

The hacker group Fancy Bear, which also intervened in the elections in the United States, tried to contact at least 87 people working on military drones, missiles, stealth fighters, platforms for “cloud” computing, or performed other secret work, found the Associated Press.

In the field of view of the hackers got as employees of small companies and such giants of the defence industry like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Airbus Group and General Atomics.

Several people worked in industry organizations were members of the boards of Directors or worked under contract to the allied U.S. countries.

“Apparently, their goals were program that is linked with some of the most progressive and advanced technologies, as well as working in these programs people,” said a former senior Advisor in the office of the Director of national intelligence Charles Sowell, who got acquainted with the list of names provided by the Associated Press.

“If these programs are somehow compromised, then our competitive advantages and our defense is compromised. That’s what is really frightening,” said Sowell, who is himself a steel target for hackers.

Most of the work of people in field of view of the hackers is classified.

However, as shown by the news Agency analysis that up to 40 percent of them clicked on a phishing link hackers. This was the first step for potential access kibershpionov to personal e-mail account or computer files.