A mixture of emotions for the young Sydney couple: One for life, another dies

The 58-year-old victim was walking her grandson in a pram when she was hit and killed by a reversing garbage truck in Dee Why-street, Sydney northern beaches.

His daughter was working in a pharmacy when she received a devastating call from the police about the death of his mother.

“It seemed like you had just been called from work, the father and the mother,” testimony of Catherine Hasler told Channel 7. “It’s terrible, it’s the last thing you expect to happen and get that phone call.”

He had worked part-time for a year, spending the rest of his time raising his child,

The accident happened about 11.45 am near the corner of Moorilla St and May Rd Dee Why.

The young woman was joined by her partner gathered with their young son.

The child had been cared for by a police officer who found him unharmed in his wheelchair.

The pictures showed the pair hugging each other as they dealt with the shocking news of the woman’s mother had been killed.

The police said that he would not have survived his wounds.

The woman arrives on the scene told her mother was dead. Picture: Adam Yip

“The family is very worried, understandably,” Inspector Ellen Kaserman said.

Witnesses told the Manly Daily the truck was reversing in the Moorilla St cul-de-sac, at the time of the accident.

Aaron Sault said she saw a woman lying unconscious near the rear wheels of the garbage truck and there was a baby in a stroller nearby.

As Mr. Sault got out of his car, he saw two police officers running to the truck.

“One of the cops went straight for the woman, while she was lying on the road and the other officer came up to the pram to check on the baby,” Mr. Sault said.

“The officer looked in the pram and the baby seemed to be okay.

“He started to push the stroller back and forth to calm the baby.

“The woman was not moving.”

The young couple rushed to the scene to be reunited with their child. Picture: Adam Yip

The grandmother was found under the garbage truck. Image: Seven News

Moorilla St, a narrow street is a popular shortcut for pedestrians walking between Pittwater and Warringah roads.

“I have written to the council, but I am firmly convinced that the intersection is good”, Greg Little wrote on Facebook after the fatality.

“This is a horrible intersection to cross, three road that leads at the intersection of Pittwater Road,” said Dee Why resident Tricia Kelly.

The waste collection company URM said that the truck driver was deeply distressed.

“He is a loving father to himself. With the support of the company, the driver is fully co-operating with the police,” CEO Anthony Johnston said in a statement.

The grabage truck driver has been charged over the death of his grandmother.. Image: Toby Zerna

Drug and alcohol test on the man also produced negative results.

The driver of the garbage truck, 27 years old, was accused of dangerous driving causing death and negligent driving cause death.

He was granted conditional bail and is due to appear in Manly Local Court on 7 March.