377 Chime of workers to lose their jobs

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Nearly 380 workers in Carillon are being dismissed, but the agency in charge of the liquidation of the company said that it had saved 919 jobs.

The Official Receiver said that most of the people who have kept their jobs are being transferred to existing or similar terms to new businesses that are taking over the Chime of the contracts.

However, he said that “despite the best efforts,” was unable to secure 377 functions.

Chime went bankrupt on 15 January.

The Official Receiver said that the employees whose jobs have been safeguarded worked in infrastructure, central and local government projects, as well as in the construction contracts.

A spokesman for the Official Receiver, said: “I have to recognize that this is going to be a worrying time for all those affected, their families and local communities. I would like to thank all the staff for their professionalism throughout the settlement.

“I’m waiting for many employees who work at other Chimes of transfer contracts in the next few weeks and we will continue to keep the work force updated these arrangements.”Hospital cost can increase due to Chime collapse

Carillion had employed more than 43,000 people, including around 20,000 in the uk.

Since that collapsed in the past month, a number of companies have said that they will be in charge of the contracts and projects that they had previously worked with the now-defunct construction and business services.

Kier Group had been part of a joint venture with Carillion and the French business, Eiffage on the High Speed 2 rail project. Kier and Eiffage are now partners in the scheme, and taking into 51 Chime of the employees.

Kier has also assumed full responsibility for the work in the name of the Roads of England to reduce congestion on the highways, and it is the transfer of around 150 employees of Chimes.

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