210bhp Ford Ranger Raptor under consideration UK sale

Ford unveiled the Ranger Raptor a high-performance version of its Ranger pick-up truck with a 2.0-Liter twin-Turbo diesel engine, offering 210bhp and 369lb ft.

Official performance figures are not yet published, but the truck’s massive engine, there should be a sub-10-sec 0-60mph time. The larger 450hp V6 engines equipped F-150 Raptor reaches the sprint in 6.1 sec, while the 3.2-litre TDCi engine-Ranger-M-Sport Double Cab takes 10.6 sec.

At the moment, Ranger Raptor is introduced to the Asian markets only, but it is under consideration of the American and European markets, including the UK. The model is not displayed at the Geneva motor show next month.

The Ranger Raptor front suspension Upgrade on function Fox Racing shock absorbers, while the rear set-up will have a new Watt’s linkage system with coilover suspension. Off-road speed is a priority for the Ford Performance model, so that a series of knobbly BF Goodrich tires are designed specifically for this purpose.

The truck shares the 10-speed automatic transmission, the shift paddles mounted on the steering column, with the revamped Mustang and F-150 Raptor. No manual option is available.

Ford lifted the Rangers to give the Raptor variant has a ground clearance of 283mm, while the front and rear tracks widened to 1710mm. The chassis has been modified and processed in high-speed off-Road, while the brakes are 332mm are now, up from 323 mm cut. The brake calipers are larger than the standard model, even at 54mm.

There are no fewer than six selectable driving modes, Normal and Sport, the on-road mode. Sports tweaks to change gear at higher revs and downshift more easily, if required.

The four off-road driving modes to handle different types of terrain: Grass, gravel and snow, mud and Sand; Rock; and Baja, the drive brings the benefits of Sport during the scaling faults through the control of traction for high-speed off-road.

The Ranger is the key to Ford’s UK commercial vehicle operations; with approximately 13,000 examples sold here in the last year, it made up 10% of the brand’s commercial vehicle sales and was the best-selling pick-up in 2017.

Meanwhile, the Transit Custom, sales of 60,000, or almost half of Ford commercial vehicle registrations accounted for.

Although the Ranger Raptor is not yet confirmed for UK sale, Ford builds the Ranger line-up with a Ranger, Black Edition, will go on sale in the first quarter of 2018, followed by a further special edition in April.

If there is enough demand for the Ranger Raptor is recognised in the UK, the model will be sold here.

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