The Spanish authorities prevented the meeting Pokdemon and the speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia

MOSCOW, 24 Jan — RIA Novosti. The Spanish authorities did not let the ex-President of the Catalan government, Carles Pokdemon in the building of the regional office in Brussels, where he was scheduled to meet with speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia Roger Torren, according to the newspaper Pais.

Monday Torren said that Pujdeme will again become a candidate for the presidency of Generalitat. On Wednesday, Parliament speaker arrived in Brussels to meet with Pusdienam.

One of the members of the Catalan delegation, Joan Maria Pique said that the security of the building by decree of the Spanish foreign Ministry has banned Podemno access to the building, where is the representation of Catalonia in the EU.

“I want to notify that neither the (former) Chairman of Generalitat nor the advisers who accompanied him, are not fugitives from justice. Spain does not require their arrest in Belgium. This building is not a territory of Spain. This is the territory of Belgium, therefore we reserve the right to legal action in response to this outrageous veto,” said Peak.

According to the newspaper, the meeting of torren and Pokdemon was transferred to the headquarters of the “European free Alliance” — one of the few organizations who do not recognize the application of the 155th article of the Constitution to introduce the direct control of Madrid in Catalonia.

The first meeting, where members will discuss the candidacy of the new head of the Autonomous community, to be held from 29 to 31 January. For this the candidate should explain the program and request to the parliamentarians to approve his candidacy. For approval requires an absolute majority in the 135-seat Parliament. If such support is not present, two days are held a new debate. To win in the second round a simple majority.

Earlier, the lawyers of the Catalan Parliament issued a report, according to which Putteman, located in Brussels, can not pass the approval procedure for the presidency of the Catalan government via video link, and any candidate for this post must be present in the courtroom personally. Spain against Pokdemon acts issued by the court a warrant of arrest.
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