The Pininfarina-designed Hybrid Kinetic Group HK GT, with a micro-turbine electric generator tech

Pininfarina has designed a two-door coupe concept for Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic Group (HKG), which is set to inspire a future halo performance model.

A preview of two images, the four-seat model is called the HK GT and using HKG electric powertrain technology, with a micro-turbine generator to act as a range extender.

No statistics have been revealed for the GT, at this stage, but this technology has been described in HKG the K550 and K750 Suv and H600 salon, which is revealed in the concept forms the last year with the promise of a 621-mile range rechargeable batteries with more than 50,000 cost of the life cycle.

Given his sport, the focus, the GT is expected to trade some ultimate range to increase the performance.

HKG-2017 concepts that were said to produce over 800bhp from their electric motors, with the hall and said to take 2.9 seconds to get from 0-60mph. The GT could then beat those numbers and become a threat to the Tesla Model S, P100D, which covers the sprint in 2.4 sec.

Pininfarina designers have applied what the company is called in Italian “classical architecture” with the outside world, while continuing the design language for the first time from HKG-2017 concepts. Those cars and a large front grills that extended into the slim headlights, which means the GT will almost certainly have the characteristic that.

This technique of “Russian doll design” is a common practice for new brands, trying to create a clear image that makes their models immediately recognizable. All four of HKG concept models should be displayed at the Geneva motor show where the GT will make its public debut.

HKG and Pininfarina have worked together on a technical collaboration to the value of € 55 million. Between Hong Kong’s existing portfolio is an electric bus and a car that can be fueled with bio-alcohol, propane, and natural gas.

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