Kia SP Concept heads to India with the new design direction

Kia has revealed a new SUV concept at the India Auto Expo, with plans of putting into production the next year.

The SP Concept, which will represent Kia’s first entry in India, features a new design language that will influence the future of the models destined to the global markets, including Europe.

The SUV has a strong shoulder line with a conical glassline towards the rear, with a wide front grille that’s less pinched than those fitted to Kia’s other models. The headlights feature a new grille design.

A Kia spokesman told Autocar that there are no plans to offer the SUV in other places, but suggested that, along with the new look, its technical characteristics, could offer suggestions for future models.

The company refrained from disclosing what will power the new model, but has said the car will feature “advanced technology”, suggesting electrified variants are offered alongside the conventional combustion engine versions.

Kia president Han-Woo Park, said of the brand’s Indian plans: “We are here to build more than just great cars. Our goal is to establish a new standard in the automotive industry of India by providing consumers with world class products and services, while engaging with and giving back to the local community.”

The brand first announced their intentions to sell cars in India last year, when it revealed plans for an Andhra Pradesh factory. The facility, which is under construction, will be completed next year and, finally, has an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles.

Sales of new cars in India , recently surpassed the three million cars a year, making it the fifth largest of the new car market in the world. The forecasts suggest that the country will become the third largest new car market by 2020.

Kia sibling Hyundai already has a strong presence in India, having been selling cars there since 1996.

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