Firefighters said the number of victims of the train crash in Italy

ROME, 25 Jan — RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. Rescue work at the scene of a train derailment in Northern Italy completed its victims, have informed RIA of news in the fire service in Milan, in the suburbs of which the crash occurred.

Earlier media reported about four victims.

The train, EN route from Cremona to Milan, derailed at about 7 am. On Board were mainly people going to Milan for work. At the crash site had dozens of ambulances and firefighters, rescuers, police and railway police. The wounded were taken to hospital in a rescue helicopter.

“Unfortunately, three people were killed; in serious condition, the so-called “red” index threats, are five to eight people are hospitalized”, — said the representative of the fire Department. According to him, just when the crash injured 113-114.

Regarding the causes of the incident, which local media called the malfunction of the switch mechanism and the “sagging” of the rail, the interviewee was asked to consider that an investigation of the Prosecutor’s office will take a long time, but will restore the whole dynamics of what happened.

“The train after the derailment three kilometres was moving on a straight line, its passengers heard a prolonged roar,” said fire officer.
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