Democrats hope that the response to the “Memorandum Nunes” will be released

The representatives of the minority in Congress insist that the public needs to hear both sides and make your own opinion

Congressional Democrats seek to publish his response to the Republican-compiled document, which stated that the FBI exceeded its powers while investigating the Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016.

The Democrats are in the minority in the select Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, calling for the vote to give them the opportunity to Express their point of view concerning classified information on which to base unveiled last week a four-page Memorandum. However, Democrats will have to answer the questions that will reveal whether their response to information about intelligence activities.

The response document that you want to publish the Democrats should be referred to the President Trump to have it checked out, was not disclosed whether there is confidential information. Trump said earlier that Memorandum, drawn up by Republicans in the intelligence Committee, headed by its Chairman Devin Nudecom, “fully justifies” it in the case of the Russian intervention in the elections and a possible obstruction of justice in an attempt to limit the investigation.