Citroen-in-chief: fall of sales in China highlights the need for global growth

Citroën must increase its international presence to isolate themselves from the trends of regional sales, CEO Linda Jackson has said in the wake of the sales of the fall of 47.3% in China in the year 2017.

Around the top of the 2012 european car sales crisis in Europe, Citroën became increasingly dependent on China sales, the launch of the custom car for the country, as they tried to take advantage of the fast-growing market.

However, last year, the Citroën of sales fell sharply, in line with those of most of the major manufacturers, as the demand happened to be living-led to an SUV led, and many Chinese manufacturers launched a high-quality Suv to drive prices down.

As a result, Citroën launched the new C5 Aircross SUV in China in the first place, and the restructuring of its dealer network, which takes 450 points of sale of 390. Due to these changes in July, their sales have increased significantly, and the market share increased by 0.3%.

“A couple of years ago the strength of China helped compensate for Europe, but we are lucky that as China has slowed and Europe has increased again,” Jackson said. “It emphasizes that we must be more international and to bring the balance to our portfolio. Today, 27% of our sales are outside of Europe, by 2020 I want it to be 30% and I want to grow that figure to around 45% in the long term.”

Jackson stressed Iran and Latin America as countries that offer the greatest opportunities for short-term, long-term growth.

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