Trump accused the Democrats “UN-American” behavior

The President did not like that the legislators from the Democratic party did not applaud him during a recent speech in Congress

U.S. President Donald trump has accused Democrats that they acted “UN-American” and even “treacherous” when he refused to applaud during his state of the Union “About the situation in the country” when he talked about the increase in wages and record low unemployment rate among African Americans.

“They like to trump things went wrong than when our country is doing well. That’s what it is, – said trump, in a speech at the plant in Ohio on tax reform. – It is very selfish. There was a bad energy.”

“It’s like they died and were UN-American,” added trump.

“Someone said “treacherous”. I think, why not? Can we consider it a betrayal? Why not? Apparently, they don’t like our country,” he said.

The reaction of the Democrats in his speech to Congress was clearly cool.

“Freedom not to slam ideas with which you disagree, is called the First amendment [to the U.S. Constitution],” said on Twitter democratic Senator Jeff Merk.

Two leading Republican in Congress, speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell, declined to comment.

“Every American should worry that Donald trump is trying to equate loyalty to him and loyalty to our country – tweeted the leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi – Democracy doesn’t work”.

Pelosi’s colleague in the Senate Chuck Schumer, declined to comment.