The the the died after the injuries she has suffered a brutal bashing

The Ngoc The, 77, was beaten and left in a pool of his own blood in a St Albans driveway shortly after 7pm. She was found by passers-by who comforted her at the scene until the arrival of the ambulance.

She suffered “significant brain injury”, according to the police, and spent three days at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition. Victoria Police confirmed Mrs The died at the hospital Monday afternoon.

Amy Tran, 30, had previously been accused of intentionally causing serious injury. She faced Melbourne magistrates ‘ Court on Monday where she was denied bail. It is expected the charges will be upgraded.

Detective Sen-constable Scott Riley said to the court, on Monday, a number of witnesses saw Tran near the scene of the alleged attack.

Amy Tran has been accused of denigrating a woman in St Albans. Photo: Screengrab/Seven

“On Thursday, Mrs. The was found seriously assaulted,” he said. “Before that a number of people nearby heard three or four loud screams.

“Witnesses had seen in front of (the aisle where Ms. Le was found) the accused acted in a strange way. Witnesses have tried to engage with the accused, but have failed.”

CCTV footage allegedly shows Ms The and Tran on the site shortly after 7am.

When they said The “will not survive”, Ms. Tran smiled and laughed. In response to these accusations, Ms. Tran refused, she has done nothing wrong.

“I heard that I was blamed for hitting someone, ” she told the court. “I deny it.”

When Ms. Tran has been handed over the documents to the court detailing his prior convictions, she told the judge: “It is not relevant, mate.”

The court heard the accused suffers from schizophrenia and has a history of drug use and violent delinquency.

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