Timberlake, it’s up to the Super Bowl

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Pop star Justin Timberlake has paid tribute to the Prince and took selfies with fans during her Super Bowl half-time show.

The singer performed I Would Die 4 U during a hit-packed, 12-minute Minneapolis – Prince of the city.

Timberlake also ran into the crowd to dance and to pose for pictures, in a consistently energetic appearance.

And he tacitly recognised his last Super Bowl performance in 2004, that ended with Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction”.

On that occasion, he ripped a panel of Jackson’s bodice, revealing her right breast, as he sang the lyric “gonna get naked by the end of this song”.

When he reached the line on Sunday night, Timberlake stopped the music and cut to another song.

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The gesture is unlikely to have affected Jackson’s fans, who still resent the fact that his career was derailed by the accident, while Timberlake emerged relatively unscathed.

Before the show, the hashtag “Justice for Janet” trend on Twitter, in the hope Timberlake would invite her back – but Jackson stop the speculation earlier on Sunday.

The end of the Twitter post by @JanetJackson

Instead, Timberlake show (broadcast on a five-second delay that was promoted after the 2004 Super Bowl) is a large part of the dispute.

His most explosive move was probably the decision to wear a t-shirt with a photo of two caribou, which seemed less like a stage outfit to your desktop computer wallpaper.

Still, Timberlake, the whip-crack choreography was so awesome, it took a couple of minutes for the true horror of her outfit really sink in.
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He started the show in the backstage, performing his current single, Dirty, before dancing down a elevated walkway in the center of the stage.

Zipping through 12 songs in as many minutes, the 37-year-old showed off her enviable catalog, from the pop-funk of “SexyBack” robo-ballad ” Cry Me A River, in which he has abandoned elements of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

The Tie was performed with a marching band, while Timberlake sat at the piano to play her Prince tribute.

Before the show, Rose wrote on Instagram: “I’ve been waiting to sing this song since 1991, when I saw my idol, Whitney Houston, own this song.

“And here we are. I came to another one of my dreams that is slowly becoming a sort of nightmare.”

She said she had caught the flu from her two children, Willow Sage and Jameson, calling them “two little petri dishes children that literally coughing in my mouth”.

In particular, none of the players at the US Bank Stadium, kneeling or sitting during the anthem.

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