The oligarchs in the UNITED kingdom, said to explain the richness

The Russian oligarchs are suspected of corruption will be forced to explain their luxury life styles in the UNITED kingdom, the security minister has said.

As part of a criminal organization repression, Ben Wallace told The Times officials may now seize suspicious assets worth more than £ 50,000.

Has added rich foreign criminals would feel the “force of government”.

An estimated £90bn of illegal money is laundered in the UK each year.
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New unexplained Wealth Orders introduced this week will allow government officials to maintain possession of the property until they have been properly accounted for.

In an interview with the paper, the security minister has warned: “for you, for your assets and we will make the environment difficult”.

Dozens of targets have already been identified, according to The Times.

Mr. Wallace praised BBC drama McMafia “really good representation” of the international nature of organised crime.

“Under the gloss there is a real meanness,” he said.

“So far it is very close to the truth, the international nature of organised crime and the impunity with which some of these people operate and the brutality of it, is absolutely correct.”

He then made reference to the so-called Laundry case – a scheme in which fake companies primarily based in the UNITED kingdom have been used for laundering Russian cash through Western banks.

“The government believes that we know what to do and we’re not going to let that happen anymore,” he said.