Stacey Tierney questions linger a year after the stripper death

Ms Tierney, 29, was found dead in Dreams Gentlemen’s Club of Melbourne on 19 December 2016. Police have not released the cause of death, but it is thought she died of a drug overdose and that there was an attempt to conceal what happened by people she was with at the time.

A 33-year-old man has been arrested by the Victoria Police and interviewed on suspicion of perjury, but he was released without charge.

The Police has been tight-lipped about their investigation since the beginning, and will only say that she is in. The UK Coroner has also opened an investigation.

An online petition demanding answers has collected thousands of signatures of people who want closure for the family of Mrs. Tierney who are thousands of miles away in the united KINGDOM.

Stacey Tierney was found dead inside the Dream Gentlemen’s Club.

Ms Tierney, the cause of death has not been officially revealed.

His close friends and family have already told the they feared that his death would be swept under the carpet and not resolved.

The online petition reads as follows: “How did she die? That has left his body? What is the duty of care for a person to call an ambulance? Why has there been no charges? That leaves them in the club after hours? Why the Dreams Gentleman’s Club allowed to stay open?”

Ms Tierney, the cousin of Victoria Beslier posted on the petition of his fears of a cover-up.

“The truth, it is the least that every human being deserves. The protection of those in influential position just encourages deception and manipulation.”

Dreams Gentlemen’s Club in the CBD of Melbourne where Stacey Tierney is dead.

She added: “do not we as a global population, seen enough of this kind of behavior?”

Some people fear that Ms Tierney has been working in a strip club meant that the investigators were taking his death less seriously.

“A life is a life, no matter the color or occupation. She deserves justice!” a woman who writes. Another said: “This young girl deserves justice. She was with people who left her to die! These people know what really happened … the club opens its doors for a private party probably someone rich and powerful, that is why it seems like a cover-up to me! The police officers were too afraid to investigate and bring people to justice.”

Ms Tierney had been with several men, 18 December, at the club after he officially closed its doors. The first reports suggested the men left after death, and his body was not found until just before noon on December 19.

British tourist Stacey Tierney had lived in Australia for three years.

She had lived as a backpacker in Australia for three years, but trained as a dancer in his home of Manchester, and dreamed of becoming a nurse.

His family in the united Kingdom was not aware that she was to support herself in Australia, working in strip clubs.

Preliminary reports indicate that the fitness fanatic was in a private room, dubbed a “Fantasy room” are not covered by the CCTV cameras.

But a former dancer of the Dreams of the club, said of the Ms Tierney — that was Manchester was in a private room, as the cameras would have been rolling.

“My main concern is that it all sounds so dodgy … I don’t understand how all the reports saying that she was in an area without surveillance?”

It is still unclear whether CCTV from inside the club has been a useful tool for researchers.

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