Sam Abraham murder trial heard how the lovers allegedly poisoned sleeping husband

Senior forensic pathologist Michael Burke revealed the alleged method in the trial of Arun Kamalasanan Sofia and Sam, who is accused of murdering her husband.

The couple is on trial in the Victorian Supreme Court for the alleged murder of Indian-born Melbourne businessman, Sam Abraham. Both have pleaded not guilty.

The lord of Abraham, that he died of cyanide poisoning on October 14, 2015.

The Crown alleges Mr. Kamalasanan allegedly snuck into Ms Sam’s house in the suburb of Melbourne in Epping on the night of the murder, and slipped sleeping pills in the Lord of Abraham avocado smoothie.

Prosecutor Kerri Judd QC told the court Mr Kamalasanan added after potassium cyanide in powder, orange juice and poured down Mr Abraham’s throat while he slept.

She told the jury that it was impossible for Ms Sam to have any knowledge of the poisoning, as she was asleep at her husband’s side with their son, 6.

Prosecutors allege that Sam Abraham (left) was given a sleeping pill-laced avocado smoothie followed by cyanide in orange juice for his wife Sofia and his lover.

Sofia Sam arrives at the court. Picture: Jason Edwards.

The officers of the escort Arun Kamalasanan. Picture: Jason Edwards.

The victim and the two defendants come from the Indian state of Kerala, and emigrated to Australia between the years 2012 and 2013.

Ms Sam and the Lord Abraham had a son who lives with them in his Melbourne flat, and the Lord Kamalasanan had a wife and a son living in India.

The Crown alleges that, after the Lord of the death of Abraham, Ms Sam and Mr Kamalasanan began to live together.

A secret diary, called “the trend Journal” allegedly revealed expressions of love and desire for each other among both accused in the two years before the Lord of Abraham’s death.

Professor Burke gave evidence last week that a person may be administered in small amounts of fluid that would automatically swallow instead of gag.

The court heard that if it is approximately half a milligram of liquid could be placed in the mouth or throat of a person of his swallowing reflex would be triggered.

Professor Burke said that this was caused by the receptors of the oropharynx “in the back of the throat and sides of the throat”.

Sofia Sam (center in red diamond-patterned top), and family members in Kerala, India funeral of her husband Sam Abraham.

Sofia Sam crouches to the coffin of her husband at his funeral in 2015.

Attorney Judd asked if a person does not automatically cough up or have their gag reflex is activated when the liquid is poured into your throat while you sleep.

“He was asked his opinion on whether an individual could be administered cyanide in a drink while unconscious after being given some kind of sleeping tablet or sedative?” Ms Judd said.

“When it was first put to me, I thought it sounded very unlikely, I should say, in advance,” Professor Burke said:

“But I’ve done a bit of reading and … we will always be the production of saliva and, and we

the swallow.

“Experiments are made in a small syringe put a small amount of fluid in the back of the throat and triggers a reflex, a bit like if the doctor taps the patella and the reflection is that your knee, the knee jumps, his leg straightens.

“Therefore, it is not a reflection, once the water or the food gets to the back of the throat, there is a reflex they can’t control, that sent the food or water inside of your stomach.

Sam Abraham, and his wife Sophia Sam in happier times.

Cyanide murder accused Arun Kamalasanan getting to his trial, with the co-defendant Sophia Sam. Photo: David Caird.

“The nerves go to the brain stem, and then from the brain stem, nerves go to the esophagus and the start of swallowing.”

Professor Burke performed the autopsy of 33 years of age, Mr. Abraham, two days after his death on the victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine.

After ordering a full report of toxicology, came to the conclusion that he had died of cyanide poisoning.

“The tox showed cyanide in the blood, the cyanide in the liver, cyanide

within the contents of the stomach. Also there was Clonazepam, which is like Valium …

that was also in the blood.”

Westmead Hospital clinical and forensic toxicology Narendra Gunja gave evidence that Mr. Abraham had red discoloration of the nose and the mouth

“The findings toxicological to do with cyanide, bright red lips are a feature, but not

always present the characteristic of cyanide poisoning,” he said.

Dr Gunja said the Lord to Abraham of the liver had “a significant amount of cyanide” or 28 mg/kg, while a milligram per kilogram of weight of the liver would be lethal.

Mr. Abraham of the order of service.

Sofia at the funeral of Kerala.

Describe how a person was going to die by the ingestion of cyanide, said that if taken in small quantities it was possible to avoid the vomiting and the nausea that the result would be “if you drank it in one go.”

“Cyanide is a cellular toxin and when … that enters the bloodstream and gets into the tissues of the body, you will cells of the body, and halts … the way the body uses oxygen.

“Left you unconscious, you may begin to have seizure activity, which

you would possibly be beaten with convulsions.

“And, then, become blue, blue color, and then your heart and blood vessels would not be working very well, and that he was going to die with cardiovascular collapse.”

Cross-examined by Adam Chernok for Arun Kamalasanan, Professor Burke agreed that he could not exclude the possibility that the cyanide was “self-induced”.

“I’m not saying how they came there; I’m just saying that there is,” he said.