Brethren the tithe of the monastery appealed to the Trump asking to be protected from the pogroms the Ukrainian radicals

Moscow. 2 Feb. INTERFAX – the Abbot of the tithes monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has appealed to us President Donald Trump, asking him to protect the monastery from the lawlessness of Ukrainian radicals.

“The superior of the tithes monastery of the UOC Archimandrite Gedeon (Kharon), a U.S. citizen and a decorated (he was stationed in California, he was a chaplain on a U.S. Navy ship and was awarded with government awards), appealed on behalf of the brethren of the monastery (among her three Americans) and the tithes of the community of Kiev to the President Trump with a call to protect them from lawlessness and arbitrariness”, – says the press-Secretary of the UOC-MP Vasily Anisimov, in his article published Friday on the website “Interfax-Religion”.

According to him, a similar request sent to the American Orthodox co – religionists, US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

Church of the assumption of the virgin of the tithe, first stone Church of Kievan Rus’, erected Chersonese by the Greeks to the Holy equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir.

The representative of the UOC recalled that last week, on January 25, the militants first tried to set fire to the monastery, bringing to him the gas cans, and then cut off grinder stands, insulting and threatening the monks.

Police arrested two arsonists, they are the investigative judge Tatyana Levitskaya has determined the arrest with the right to bail, but said that she, her family and children subjected to intimidation by the militants, said the Agency interlocutor.

The militants themselves, according to V. Anisimov, encourage colleagues of similar groups to unite and demolish the monastery to the ground.

“I read, watch and poma, and stand up-for a Christian no one. In addition to the distant and all-powerful trump. What is called abroad again, we will help. And who else?”says the speaker of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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