The Eastern facade of the Kazan Cathedral will be restored by the autumn

Saint-Petersburg. 1 Feb. INTERFAX – the Eastern facade of the Kazan Cathedral of St. Petersburg will be refurbished by autumn 2018.

As stated on the procurement website of the Russian Federation, the relevant competition is announced by the Directorate of customer for repair and restoration works on monuments of history and culture. The initial contract price is 34.4 million.

In the course of work the experts will clear away the contaminated surface of the stone will restore cast iron, brick detail eaves, painted metal surface. The facade will be installed and dismantled forest (at the time of restoration) lattice, fences, gates and wickets.

In the terms of reference of the competition stated that the Eastern facade is currently in poor condition. Blocks of stone columns, decoration, have chips, cracks, loss. Cast iron base of the pilasters and pillars are also cracked. Metal filling the window repainted many times, varnish in many places spoiled the metal corrosion.

Kazan Cathedral was built in 1801-1811 years by the architect Andrei Voronikhin. The Cathedral has the shape of a Latin cross and the facade facing Nevsky prospect and has a semicircular colonnade of the 134 columns of the Corinthian order. The East and West wings closed driveways-porches. The facades are lined with porous limestone.

In 1813, in the left chapel of the Cathedral was buried field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov. Inside the temple were hung with the captured French banners, the banners and keys from their cities, and in 1837 Nevsky prospect, unveiling monuments to Mikhail Kutuzov and Mikhail Barclay de Tolly.