In Iran arrested 29 women after protests with her head uncovered

Dubai. 2 Feb. INTERFAX – Police in Tehran have detained the 29 women who participated in protests against the wearing of hijab, for violation of public order, reported on Friday the Western media.

Protests by women took place on Wednesday in the framework of the campaign “white environment”, coined by journalist masih Alinejad in may 2017. She urged women to wear the hijab in white color or even to come with her head uncovered.

Social networks and media there are photos of women casting off the hijab and holding his stick like a flag in protest against the compulsory wearing a headscarf.

The Prosecutor General of Iran Mohammad Jafar, Montazeri the past called the protests “childish” and stated that they incite from abroad.

Compulsory wearing of the headscarf in Iran was established after the Islamic revolution in 1979.