Trump: on the spot may I would have taken a more tough approach to negotiations on the “Bracito»

The President brought up the results of the referendum on the UK exit from the EU with concerns of the British people about immigration

The US President Donald trump said that he would take a tougher stance in the negotiations on the “Brazito” than British Prime Minister Theresa may. A statement trump said in an interview to British TV channel ITV, which aired on Sunday.

In an interview, trump said that the EU “is not weakened to such an extent as intended”.According to the President, he predicted the results of the referendum in June 2016, which the British voted to secede from the EU. In the same year, trump was elected President of the United States.

When asked whether the Mae is “a good position” on the negotiations on the “Brazito”, trump said, “I would have Conducted negotiations in the same way? No. I would lead them differently. I would have had a different attitude”.

In response to the request of the journalist to clarify what would be the difference, he said, “I would say that the European Union is not weakened to such an extent as expected. I would have taken a tougher stance on the issue of exit”.

Mei was the first foreign leader, who met with trump after his inauguration in January last year. At some point this visit they left the White house, holding hands.

But since then, the “special relationship” between the two countries experienced some UPS and downs, including criticism may. for retweet video the British far-right and antiislamist, and reciprocal accusations of the President of the United States.

In the same interview he stated that he did not want to offend anyone in the UK, distributing those videos, and expressed willingness to apologize if the original distributors are notorious racists.

Trump statements about militant attacks in the UK caused outrage in certain circles, and often he exchanged attacks with the mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Trump also said in an interview that he expected the results of the referendum on “Broksita” because of the concerns of the British regarding immigration, which was also one of the main provisions of his election campaign.

“I said for trading, but mainly because of immigration, “Brickset” will be a big disappointment. And I was right, he said. I know Brits and you know them.”

“They don’t want people from all over the world came to Britain, I don’t want to know anything about these people,” he added.

Trump also said that Mei was invited to make two visit to the UK this year.

Earlier this month, he canceled a trip to London for the opening of the new Embassy, saying he did not want to support bad business deal agreed upon by the Obama administration, which included the sale of the old building “for pennies”.

Some Britons resent the prospect of the visit trump. It is expected that his arrival will be accompanied by large protests.

Answering the question whether they had received an invitation to the wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and his American bride Meghan Markle, trump said, “I don’t know about it”.