Media: the new German armored personnel carriers for the “intimidation” of Russia is outdated until commissioning

MOSCOW, January 26 — RIA Novosti. A new unit of the land forces of the German Puma, developed for rapid response force NATO, whose task is to contain Russia, it seems, will become the new “problem child” of the Bundeswehr, the German newspaper writes

According to sources in military circles, a new BMP has already been made for the army, received in the base and are technically obsolete, the modification will take too much money, and the time before the scheduled start of operation is too little.

The Bundeswehr has already received 190 of 350 armored vehicles ordered. For rapid reaction forces NATO needs to modernize 40 of them, and this, according to sources need of 500 million euros.

One of the main problems is the lack of radio equipment that can transmit encrypted signals over a wide range. Without it, the Puma has nothing to oppose to the technique of modern weapons, the media writes.

The representative of the company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, which is developing armored vehicles, said that all the contractual obligations have been fulfilled. To decide whether to allocate an additional 500 million euros to the Ministry of defence of Germany.

The publication notes that one-third of the money will be spent on further improvement of the BMP, the third on the radio equipment and software, another third for parts, repair and maintenance.

At the same time that NATO could have used forty armored vehicles in 2023, they need to be ready by 2020 and below still had time to prepare for the operation.