What critics think of the Black Panthers?

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The early reactions are, and it is fair to say that the critics love Black Panther, Marvel’s much-anticipated first black superhero movie.

The Film will Star Chadwick Boseman in the lead role along with Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Martin Freeman and Daniel Kaluuya.

It’s not out until 13. To see the February reviewers but the film got at its premiere on Monday night.

Here’s a little taste of the reaction so far (and we will try to avoid any spoilers):

The LA Times’ Trevell Anderson described it as “a message of love over the darkness”.

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Free film writer, Rebecca Theodore-Vachon said Black Panther “, was everything I wanted and more”.

Fandango’s managing editor, Erik Davis, agreed.

“Black Panther is exceptional – the James Bond of the MCU (Marvel Comic universe),” he tweeted.

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Mashable film writer Angie J Han was also in raptures.

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And Business Insider, a reporter, Jason Guerrasio is not called the film “as the most spiritual Marvel movie yet!”

Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta said: “the Black Panther looks, sounds and feels different than any Marvel movie so far. A visual feast.”

The film’s lead, T’Challa, was first seen, the audience was in Captain America: Civil war”.

In the Black Panther, T’Challa is back in Wakanda to its place on his late father’s throne. But of course, since it’s a Marvel adventure, it’s not quite so straight forward.

Full reviews of the film will be closer to the time of publication.

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