The white house once and for all expel the Russian fever from the system

According to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the administration has nothing to do with the resignation of homedirector the FBI, but it has “some concern” about his work

During the Monday briefing, responding to a question concerning reports of pressure on officials, in particular, on the Ministry of justice, from the White house, in the context of the “Russian investigation”, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said: “the White house has fully cooperated and will cooperate (with investigations)”.

“The white house, – has continued a press-the Secretary, provided spectracolor (Robert Mueller) of more than twenty witnesses and tens of thousands of pages.We did everything we could to ensure full transparency, and we intend to do the same during the whole process. The only thing the President has resorted to pressure, is (aspiration) to ensure that … this (problem) was solved and that you guys and everyone else can concentrate on what really worries the Americans, i.e. to ensure that once and for all banished the fever from the Russian… system.”

Again saying that “no conspiracy was not” the press Secretary of the White house called for focusing on such problems as “our national security, economy and the resolution of the immigration crisis.”

During the briefing, Sanders said that the White house is irrelevant to the resignation of FBI assistant Director Andrew McCabe from his post.

The administration had nothing to do with McCabe’s decision to leave the post for a few weeks before scheduled retirement, told the press Secretary of the White house. “The President was not involved in the process of making this decision,” she added.

Speaking to reporters, Sanders stressed that the resignation McCabe, the White house has only the same information that they and recommended to address for comments to the FBI, adding that the Agency likely will make a statement later on Monday.

“We would recommend you to contact Christopher ray, who holds the post of Director of the FBI, and, as I said last week, has the full confidence of the President. The President instructed him to take all the decisions in the FBI,” said Sanders.

However, according to Sanders, the President remains critical of Maccabi, which played a Central role in the investigation about the emails, Hillary Clinton and the continuing investigation into Russian interference in the elections.

McCabe’s wife, when he ran for the Senate of Virginia in 2015 to receive funds for his campaign of Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who then held the post of Governor of the state. Republican trump has repeatedly expressed outrage about this in his “Twitter”.

Sanders added that the White house has “some concern” about the work of McCabe in the FBI.