The US Ambassador advised “without emotion” to refer to “the Kremlin report»

John huntsman I am sure that Washington is interested in good relations with Moscow

U.S. Ambassador to Moscow John huntsman advised the Russian side “without emotion” to refer to the publication of the so-called “Kremlin report”, Recalling that Washington is still interested in improving bilateral relations.

“I urge you to accept this report, it is based on his real and not far-fetched fact and without emotion. After all, relations between our countries are not confined to one legal act. And reminded me of that in Washington, where I was two weeks ago,” said the diplomat in interview to Agency “Interfax”.

Report prepared, including the Ministry of Finance and the US state Department, must be submitted to Congress on January 29. In accordance with the requirements of the law “On countering Russia through sanctions” adopted last summer, the document should be listed representatives of the “inner circle of President Putin,” their families and retainers, directly influencing the formation of Russia’s policy. The report should also contain information about the assets and the origin of the capital of Russian oligarchs.

On Monday, the U.S. administration should announce the introduction of a new round of sanctions against Russian defense industry and intelligence community, as well as provide recommendations on new measures in relation to sovereign bonds of the Russian Federation.

Several former officials of the US administration had stated that the representatives of Russian big business in recent months, tried to organize a lobbying campaign in order to avoid mention in the report.

Ambassador John huntsman reminded that the appearance of certain names in the text document does not mean automatic imposition of sanctions against these individuals.

“The Congress will decide how this report will be communicated to the public. The decision (disclosure) will depend entirely on Congress. Congressmen can publish it, and unable to stay closed. It is difficult to tell,” he said.

The head of the us diplomatic mission stressed that the politicians in Washington still hope that relations between the two countries be characterized by a constructive approach.

“I have not met a single person who would want our relationship destroyed, – said the Ambassador of the United States. I know that the President would like to see improved relations. I think he would like more time to devote to relations with Russia as such.”