First day on the job: taxi driver rammed car with pregnant

In Kiev the driver of Uber in a rented Skoda being under the influence of drugs entered the car in which nahodilas pregnant woman. About it reports Kyiv.Operational. “The driver of the passenger transportation service Uber high (see video), the first day on the job. Was driving a rented Skoda, NZ. AA5413OE, from the subway station Obolon in the direction of the station of the Minsk metro on Malinowski. Close to the local Prosecutor’s office decided to implement the turn (or the reverse, he does not know) and missed the Audi, A. s. BC4671AE“, – reports the edition. The Audi was driving the couple – a man and a woman. The woman in the fourth month of pregnancy, suffered minor injuries. Was hospitalized for further diagnosis. “The driver of the Skoda has admitted that he used drugs. Good thing he had no passengers“, – stated in the message. There were policemen and paramedics, was expecting the investigators.

We will remind, on January 25 in Thailand, a Ukrainian taxi driver accused in the deaths of two Russians.