Top 10 best luxury Suv 2018

Luxury Suvs are a staple of premium car manufacturers’ line-up, with at least one for each major player. This is a segment in great demand; real off-road ability is common, as is the height of luxury, space and refinement.
1. Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover, the range may be increasing, but the Range Rover Sport is still among the best, is one of the most versatile luxury Suvs on the market and lives the word “luxury” as a few others.

It is not as wide as it could be, and is not the lightest car out there, but the Range Rover Sport, more than makes up for it with its breadth of talent. Shame that the options for the TDV6 engine are limited.

In fact, so great is his list of talents that none of our testers would like to change a thing.

2. Land Rover Discovery

The second podium for Land Rover in the luxury SUV segment – well, if the Land Rover does not make plush mud-pluggers well, what are you doing?

It is controversial but robust in style, with the off-road capabilities of the game. Seven usable seats inside, and when you’re in front of one to the right, you’ll have a great time, because it is a comfortable cruiser with traditional beauty in the form of luxury cars.

With these dimensions, however, comes a remarkable thirst, so that the Discovery is not too cheap to run.

3. Audi Q7

The Q7 is huge inside, with an incredible quality of materials inside, and a high level of refinement.

The negative sides? In typical Audi fashion, has numb steering, the handling is spectacular and the residual values are nothing special.

It is powerful, however, and improved compared to the previous model, immeasurably. The Q7 is not the most economical choice, but it is not the most expensive; it is no wonder that the sales are growing.

4. Volvo XC90

Volvo renaissance following Ford properties is started with the XC90 – a genuine seven-seater with the comfort and handling on the one hand, with a good range of engines including a 401bhp plug-in hybrid, as well as plenty of style.

Is another which is directly in the center of the luxury SUV price spectrum. A mix of luxury and non-luxury plastics in places with less-than-perfect refinement and sat-nav problems, ensure the XC90 stops short of greatness.

5. The Range Rover Velar

The new kid on the block, and another Land Rover. Veil is the brand’s most road-biased model yet, seems to be taken directly from the concept car book and an interior that puts most others to shame, with its wealth of materials and technology.

Luckily, it’s only good to ride, and the ride and refinement are similar to that of a real luxury car.

Prices start low enough, but in the upper spheres can stretch the credibility of the car, especially considering the style is so sensitive to the spec.

6. Tesla Model X

Electric SUV to be the first electric Suv have been one thing, the Model X, of course, makes his presence known with top-hinged falcon doors.

EV packaging helps the seven-seat interior feeling of space, with the added value of a boot in the face. Then there is the performance can not match the maximum speed of many rivals, but the accelerating pace is second to none in this segment.

Too bad the management can’t do a true driver’s car, then, and the price is prohibitive for many buyers, in particular with issues of quality of recent chronicle.

7. BMW X5

This is the one that has reinvented the luxury SUV segment for the modern age.

Two generations later, the X5 is still the most practical premium SUV has always been. It is a bit of a shame that the tour of the whole range is uncomfortable and lumpy.

The style does not appeal to everyone, but the badge certainly, and this is a big selling point in this particular market. Price is bang in line rivals, aside from the absurdly priced but awesome M50d model, the X5 is a stalwart in the segment, if not a class leader.

8. Porsche Cayenne

The car that saved Porsche has a place in our list of top luxury Suvs.

Not something you would have never thought to read decades ago, but the Cayenne remains true to the badge to be the driver of choice in the segment in its third generation. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but has an impressive CURRICULUM vitae of luxury, capability and on-road manners, not to be mocked.

It’s controversial for all the reasons that it doesn’t really matter more in all dimensions compared to its sophomore offering.

9. Volkswagen Touareg

Not long for this world, but still a contender in his old age, the Touareg is comfortable, refined and capable.

In typical Volkswagen fashion, sober and practical, too, even if those who need seven seats will have to look elsewhere. For a luxury SUV, the Touareg is also quite green, if thirst options are avoided.

The handling is excellent for the class, and the prices are low. The interior is a bit simple, mind. A new one is due in a matter of months.

10. Mercedes-Benz GLE

The former ML falls short on its engine, but of talent in the comfort, space and luxury departments. The 4Matic-equipped versions are fiercely capable machines.

They are not much more expensive in the end, but the low-spec GLE 250d 4Matic offers all the convenience and economy you could ever need. It is not tip-top driver of commitment, the mind, as eager drivers who can’t make it less of a luxury SUV should look more into the top of the list here.