The “black year” for film, world music and literature: Top celebrities who died in 2017

“On my street that year sound the steps – my friends are leaving. My friends slow care the darkness outside the Windows, anything…” – wrote at the time, young Soviet poet Bella Akhmadulina and could not even imagine that in the future these lines will become the most recognizable motif, a hymn of loss and loneliness, in world literature of the second half of the twentieth century. They flew from the mouth right now for a reason, because today we are going to review probably one of the saddest outcomes of the 2017 – to remember all the cult of personalities that the world has lost during this period. And there were not enough actors, musicians, poets, scientists, politicians… in short, people-legends that have made millions of lives more colourful, better, more interesting. With someone we had to say goodbye due to natural circumstances, someone left prematurely because of disease or was the victim of an accident. But equally each of these deaths is a terrible and tangible.

Cinema So, world cinema in 2017, lost more than hundreds of prominent actors, among them the role of a fictional prehistoric giant lizard Godzilla Haruo Nakajima, American actor Adam West first played in 60-ies the role of Batman, star of a series of films about a hapless accountant Hugo Fantozzi Paolo Villaggio the role of the Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov in the film “heart of a Dog” Vladimir Tolokonnikov, French actor Jean Rochefort known for his roles in the films about Angelique, Count of Monte Cristo, and high blond man with one black Shoe, American actor John Heard who played the father in the famous Christmas Carol, home Alone, the performer of the role of George Ivanovich from the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears” Alexei Batalov Estonian actor Lembit Ulfsak known for his role as Jacques Paganel in the television series “In search of captain Grant”, several stars from “twin peaks” (Harry Dean Stanton and Miguel Ferrer), James bond (Roger Moore, Karin Dor and Molly Peters), movies about Harry Potter (Robert Hardy, Sam Beazley and John Vincent Hurt) and “Game of thrones” (Roy Dorris and Neil Fingleton).

Also a tremendous loss was the death of the famous film Directors, the holders of various awards from the Pulitzer prize to the Oscars: the Americans Sam Shepard, Jonathan Demme and John Avildsen. The first is best known for directing movies like “silent Tongue”, the second of the Thriller “silence of the lambs”, the third film series about boxer rocky.

In addition, on television screens will no longer appear new works of a number of comedians, including Dick Gregory, Michael Zadornov, Sergey Oleh and Jerry Lewis.

Separately Ukraine mourns folk artists Irina Bunina and Hope Baturina and the film Director, producer and music video Director The Maxim Papernik.


In the world of music extinguished stars no less. In 2017, the stopped beating heart: legends of rock-n-roll Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Tom Petty multiple owners of the musical award “Grammy”, jazz artists El Jerry and John Hendrix famous soul singer Charles Bradley and hip-hop artist Prodigy (real name albert Johnson).

Also gone from the life of the founders of the Soviet ensemble “Singing guitars” (Anatoly Vasiliev) and “Funny guys” (Pavel Slobodkin), the founder of popular rock group Marilyn Manson (guitarist Scott Putesky), Steely Dan (guitarist Walter Becker) and AC/DC (rhythm guitar Malcolm Young), the soloists of the group Linkin Park (Chester Bennington), “Ivanushki International” (Oleg Yakovlev), The Foundations (Clem Curtis), Soundgarden (Chris Cornell) and “Perkalaba” (Andrew “Fedot” Fedotov).

Besides, did not the Italian composer Luis Enriquez Bakalov known for the soundtracks from the movie “Kill bill”, and his colleagues, the author of soundtracks for TV shows, video games and horror movies Daniel They Say It Sounds.

The most shocking is rightly called the death of the young French singer Barbara Weldens, American rock musician Bruce HAMPTON Ukrainian musician, frontman of the band Ivan Blues & Friends Ivan Denisenko. They all died on stage during performances in front of hundreds of spectators.


If to speak about world literature, losses are estimated at several dozen talented writers. Among them the Booker prize, the English poet John Berger the Pulitzer prize-winning American singing John Ashbury who won the Nobel prize for literature , the Caribbean poet and playwright Derek Walcott the legends of Soviet literature, Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Ukrainian poet Boris Oleynik the author of a series of novels about Angelique, French writer Anne Golon Polish novelist and playwright Janusz Glowacki known for the novel “the Last watchman”, and a number of children’s writers – the Swede Ulf Stark (“My friend Percy, Bufalo Beat and I”), the British Michael Bond (a series of books about Paddington bear), Russian Anatoly Aleksin (“Mortal sin.)”

Besides, died the American writer and editor of comic books about Batman Len Wayne and founder of the iconic magazine Playboy Hugh Hefner. The latter is credited with not just the role of publisher of men’s magazine, and promoter of high literature, human rights activist and cultural phenomenon, because in the pages of Playboy published the texts of world-famous writers, including Jack Kerouac, Kurt Vonnegut, ray Bradbury, Stephen king, Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Marquez and Vladimir Nabokov.


The fashion world lost a co-founder of the French brand Yves Saint Laurent and philanthropist Pierre Bergé (husband of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent), Italian designer and honorary President of the Fendi brand Carla Fendi the iconic model, Muse band the Rolling Stones Anita, Pallenberg and soobrazitelniy cosmetic giant L’oreal and philanthropist Lillian Betancur.


In the field of modern science, the most affected mathematics, physics and medicine – 2017 is the final year in the life of the only female winner of the fields medal prize, Iranian mathematics Mariam Mirzakhani, Soviet and American physicist, awarded the Nobel prize, Alexei Apricot British physicist, recipient of the Nobel prize in medicine Peter Mansfield, American geneticist, Nobel prize in physiology or medicine Oliver Smitis.

Notably, Mirzakhani have received such a high award in the study of science for “outstanding contributions to the dynamics and geometry of Riemann surfaces and the theory of spaces of their modules,” Apricots “fundamental work on the theory of superconductors and superfluid liquids”, Mansfield – “the invention of the method of magnetic resonance imaging”, smites for “discovery of principles of introducing specific gene modifications in mice using embryonic stem cells”, or the so-called method of Nocoug gene.

Separately Ukraine mourns the linguist Basil Nimchuk (under his guidance was developed the project of spelling of the Ukrainian language in 1999) and the human rights Alexander ZADOROZHNY (honored lawyer of Ukraine, author of the book “the Russian doctrine of international law after the annexation of the Crimea”).


From the policy has gone at least four of the ex-President: former head of Iraq (from 6 April 2005 to July 24, 2014) Talabani Jalal, the former head of Germany (1994-1999) Roman Herzog, the former head of Finland (1982-1994.) Mauno Koivisto and the President of Iran (1989-1997.) Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Also became a key figure in the process of European unification and Germany and ending the cold war – the ex-Chancellor of Germany (1982-1998.) helmut kohl known French and European politics Simone Veil, permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin veteran Crimean Tatar national movement, one of the symbols of the historical struggle of the Crimean Tatars for the right to home Wedgie Clover and also the former military dictator and de facto leader of Panama in the years 1983-1989 Manuel Noriega.


Among other things, note that in China this year died a political dissident, the famous human rights activist and writer, winner of the Nobel peace prize Liu Xiaobo. He was arrested in 2008 after signed the “Charter 08” c demanding democratic reforms in the country. A year after that, the regime sentenced human rights activist to 11 years in prison for inciting Subversion of the state system, and a year later, Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel peace prize for “long-term struggle for fundamental human rights in China”. However, he’s the only one in the entire history of the award it received. This prevented the Chinese authorities.

Ukraine said goodbye to the Patriarch Lubomyr Husar – the former head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, which was seen as a possible successor to the Pope. He was a man with a clear mind and vision of the world, in his public speeches addressed both to the authorities and ordinary Ukrainians (believer or not), so the day of his death was “black” for millions of people.

Also gone from the life of Ukrainian healer and herbalist Maria Stefania (Zoe Reutt), died an American astronaut, last man standing on the surface of the moon Eugene Cernan and legendary Soviet volleyball player, two-time Olympic champion Yuriy Poyarkov and former world record holder, Olympic champion Nadezhda Olizarenko.

Thus, the expiring 2017 the number of deaths was no less “black” than the previous one. I really hope that this momentum will not come with us in new the year 2018.