Mufti Krganov pointed out the lack in Russia of madrasas and imams

*** He believes that rural imams should receive state support

Moscow. 29 Jan. Interfax – Head of the Spiritual Council of Muslims of Russia, mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov believes it necessary to maintain a madrasah, because the villages of the country do not have enough imams.

“Of course, of course, the work of our universities, our Academy (Bulgarian Academy of philosophy) is important, but we need to keep in mind and the first level of education, without which it is difficult to imagine the work and universities, and academies. We in the Council for Islamic education of Russia under the leadership of Rafik Mukhametshin includes not only educational institutions, but 36 madrassas that do not belong to the universities. It would be necessary to support them”, – said the mufti in an interview published on the website “Business online”.

Muslim leader lamented that today everyone is talking about universities, oblivious to the madrasah.

“The reality is that our parishes need imams in the mosques of villages and cities… The imams should work there to educate, to revive the basics of traditional Islam and prevention of alien ideas and extremist views,” he said, expressing the view that the work on the training of imams is carried out in madrasas.

The mufti also called for state support for rural imams.

“Just imagine: Imam’s leaving the village – he was to live? Although religious leaders are not public servants, the so-called public sector, but they are at the forefront, on earth, and must find their support”, – A. Krganov.