In Japan when a volcanic eruption and avalanche killed a man

TOKYO, January 23 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka. One person died, 10 were injured and were hospitalized as a result of the volcanic eruption and avalanches in Japan, told broadcaster NHK, citing police and fire Department, which in Japan performs the functions of the ambulance.

As reported by TV, in the midst of an avalanche on a international ski resort, Kusatsu appeared seven people, including six employees of the self-defense forces, which carried out military exercises in the area, one of them died. As reported to journalists by the Minister of defense of Japan, Itsunori of Onodera, there is information about fractures and lung injury in the military, but they are all in the mind.

In addition, according to police and firefighters, in the resort hotel were given first aid 10 skiers. They suffered from falling volcanic rocks during the eruption. They are all sent to the hospital.

On Tuesday morning, it was reported that the volcanic eruption on mount Kusatsu Country and of avalanches in a ski area of Kusatsu, which is in a radius of one kilometer from the volcano. Meteorologists have raised the danger level on the mountain before the third out of five.