The U.S. once again urged Russia to reconsider arms sales to Myanmar

The US state Department has described as “alarming” posts on the sale of SU-30

United States again urged Russia and Myanmar to revise the agreement to sell Russian fighter planes.

Russian this week, the media reported citing the defense Ministry that Russia is ready to sell Myanmar six su-30. According to the Agency “RIA Novosti”, Myanmar is also interested in buying other Russian military equipment for its ground and naval forces.

“We have been disturbing reports that Russia plans to sell SU-30 fighters of the Burmese armed forces,” he told reporters Thursday, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

“These reports, if confirmed, serve as another reminder that Russia continues efforts to armies that commit egregious violations of human rights,” she added, referring to the situation of the Muslim Rohingya people in Rakhine state who are subjected to harassment by the armed forces of Myanmar.

“Whereas the Russian Federation argues that advocates for a constructive dialogue to resolve the crisis in Burma, reports of its plans to sell the country’s advanced military technology, if they are true, suggest otherwise,” said Neuert.

“We urge the governments of Russia and Burma to reconsider the decision on the further strengthening of military capacities and to devote himself to efforts to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the crisis,” she added.

The state Department spokesman also made a similar criticism of military ties between Russia and Myanmar on Wednesday.

The statements of the representative of the state Department did not hesitate to cause a strong reaction in Russia.

Published on Friday a statement the Russian foreign Ministry said that the supply to Myanmar of Russian products of military purpose “was geared to strengthen the defense of this country.”

“To see the connection between this task and the threat of “greater suffering” of civilians can only have a very rich imagination colleagues from the Department of state, – emphasized in a statement the foreign Ministry. – Recall in this regard that the peoples of South-East Asia are unlikely to forget the loss and destruction caused by American weapons during the numerous wars that the US fought in this region in the recent past. However, this does not prevent Washington today to sell lethal weapons to the Southeast Asian countries and to increase its military presence in the vicinity of the area in the world.”