Top 10 best compact sedan in 2018

With sales of the Suv boom, less and less people are behind the wheel of the compact sedan, which is a shame because there are some cracking options.

To stand out in this class, competitors must be a skillful blend handling, a comfortable ride, impressive interior quality and respectable fuel economy – a balance that can be difficult to find in the best of cases. Below are the cars that we think we have nailed this folder.
1. Jaguar XE

Sitting pretty at the top of our list of 10 favorite compact sedan is the excellent Jaguar XE.

The British car has strengths compared to its competitors thanks to its excellent ride and handling, plush interior and high standard equipment across the range.

The Performance of gasoline and diesel Ingenium engines is par for the course, too. However, the beautiful, the Jaguar is a little disappointed by the limited space to the rear and a little less boot than rivals such as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

2. BMW 3 Series

The formidable BMW 3 Series has been a mainstay of the compact sedan market for as long as most can remember.

It is used to truly impressive levels of momentum – if not as good as the ones you get from the XE – as well as a spacious interior, and BMW’s excellent iDrive infotainment system, which allows the Alfa Romeo Giulia and XE seriously to be desired.

BMW also has a talent for extracting more performance and greater economy of its engines as its rivals. The plug-in hybrid 330th iPerformance makes a strong case for himself, also, the combination of these famous driving dynamics with reduced CO2 emissions and the ability of all-electric motoring.

3. Alfa Romeo Giulia

While the Giulia comes rather dramatic return to form for Alfa Romeo, at least in the way it is going to deal with a difficult route, it is let down a bit by a seemingly low-rent interior and no glare infotainment system.

At least, it appears to be of the party, however, especially in barnstorming Quadrifoglio guise, which also adds in a Ferrari-derived, 503bhp twin-turbo V6. More economy minded buyers will find the diesel engines also offer a solid performance and fuel economy.

4. Ford Mondeo

While it may not boast the same level of badge prestige as Alfa Romeo, BMW or Jaguar, Ford Mondeo still delivers where it counts.

For the reader, this is not quite as strong or on point than its predecessors, but it can still hold its own on a challenging B-road. It is also comfortable and refined on the motorway – its natural habitat.

The interior leaves a fair bit to be desired in terms of material quality, particularly when compared with premium rivals. However, the abundance of space will undoubtedly appeal to family buyers.

5. Audi A4

A firm favourite with company car drivers, the Audi A4 makes a strong case for itself based on its excellent quality of construction, material wealth, the premium badge, gloss and infotainment systems.

While similar things can be said about the XED and the 3-Series, A4, is let down by an uninvolving driving experience, which promotes high-speed stability on the whole of the permit commitment.

However, it excels as a long distance tourer, as a result – a trait that is further supported by a range of sophistication and sweetness of gasoline and diesel engines.

6. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Where the 3-Series and XE put more emphasis on driving pleasure, Mercedes has taken a more luxurious and refined approach of what a compact sedan can be with the C-Class.

The quality of the material on the inside is among the best in this class, and all in all, the interior is only by the fact that some larger passengers will find the space in the back a little tight. Standard equipment is generous across the range, too.

Keener drivers may despair of finding the C-Class chassis is not as well matched as those of the 3 Series, XE and Giulia.

7. Volkswagen Passat

The great Volkswagen Passat has a lot going for it. It has a tidy, well-made interior, strong standard kit and a nice – if somewhat subdued – outside style.

A range of economic Euro 6-standard four-cylinder diesel engines offers commendable refinement, performance and economy, while the plug-in hybrid Passat GTE gives buyers the possibility to reduce the emissions of CO2 and of the electric car on a limited range.

While the Passat makes for a comfortable and relaxed motorway cruiser, it can’t compete with the likes of the Giulia or XED in terms of dynamism, instead of taking a more casual approach to their driving experience.

8. Audi A3 Sedan

It would not be unfair to label Audi A3 Sedan as a semi-skimmed version of the larger A4.

Looks-wise, the two are incredibly similar; strabismus and the A3 could just about pass as his big brother.

Like every Audi, the A3 Sedan boasts an upscale interior and its build quality, while its compact proportions does not mean space is a bit tight, especially at the rear.

Opt for the 395bhp RS3 Sedan, and you’re behind the wheel of a huge exciting small car.

9. Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport

The second generation of the Vauxhall Insignia among the compact sedan market armed with good prices, a large amount of standard equipment and plenty of space inside. The newly appointed Grand Sport the beautiful exterior styling is another draw, and it is now much more comfortable than its predecessor.

Family buyers will find that the Insignia of the interior is much more spacious than those of the A4 and 3 Series, while the fit and finish are on a par with the similarly priced Mondeo.

The Badge may not be as powerful as the Mondeo on a hard road, but it is well-suited for long hikes.

10. Kia Stinger

The new Kia flagship model has made a good start to redefine just what people should expect from the South Korean manufacturer.

The Stinger is a beautiful style, excellent handling and, in full-fat GT-S, covered, with a good powerful 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6. In this specification, the Stinger is just as fast as a Jaguar XE S still significantly cheaper.

It is not without fault, but. Interior quality is not at the same level as the really top of the range rival cars “, and the infotainment system – although working well in isolation – also trails behind premium brands.