Patriarch Kirill cautions against erosion of the moral foundations of law

Moscow. 25 Jan. INTERFAX – Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has called for the preservation of the moral dimension in law.

“While the law retains a fundamental commitment to traditional morality, it serves to limit evil, but if the moral dimension of law will be banished, the law can turn into a dangerous instrument of the dehumanization of society,” he said on Thursday, speaking in the Federation Council in the framework of the XXVI Christmas readings.

The Primate said that if the (moral) law will be expelled from the legislative sphere, there is a paradox: “there is such a thing as degradation of progress.”

“Progress is a movement forward, and degradation is reduced. Progress is the extension and development, and degradation is narrowing, it is a disease that can lead to stagnation and even death of the organism”, – he said.

In his opinion, it is important to understand that the law is “not a harmonization of the existing practices of behavior in the averaged form, without the compromise and balance among divergent interests of social forces,” the legislative process has as its goal much more than that.

“In essence, the law is intended to be a genuine creative act, aiming at creation of favorable conditions for life and development of human society, and on the compromise this ideological paradigm it is impossible to build,” – said the Patriarch.

He regrets that in some countries there is a separation of the normative sphere from the moral basis that threatens to turn law into “an instrument of the dehumanization of society.”