Matvienko concerned about the growing pessimism in the world

Moscow. 25 Jan. INTERFAX – Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko considers that a significant part of humanity is suffering from a shortage of optimism and faith in a stable future because of the break in the intellectual and spiritual-moral content of public life.

“Lack of optimism, faith in a stable and prosperous future – so I would characterize the state of the minds and souls of a considerable part of mankind. Although it would seem, should be the opposite, considering the growth of technological progress and industrial power,” – said V. Matvienko on Thursday at the opening of the Christmas parliamentary meetings at the Federation Council.

In its opinion, feature of our time is that the people with great concern peering into the future.

“Optimism that dominated since the Renaissance, is now clearly weakening. More uncertainty and anxiety in the public mood, more dystopia in the Humanities, the eschatological motifs in culture, art, catastrophic scenarios from representatives of the natural Sciences and engineering”, – said the speaker.

In her opinion, the reasons for this are many, and one of them is that “at some stage of development there was a gap, the gap formed in the intellectual and spiritual-moral content of people’s lives, society.”

“And this gap is at least not reduced, even to some extent growing. Growing understanding of the secular character of the state as the limitations of the role of religion, churches, religious organizations, believers, displace them to the margins of civil society,” she said.

As said V. Matvienko, it does not go unnoticed. “We see in the world, the trend of the spread of moral relativism, ethnic, religious and political intolerance,” she said, adding that Russia “these destructive processes, fortunately, did not get the dominant distribution.”