The White house is fully prepared to cooperate with spectaculorum Muller

According to Sarah Sanders, the President is not going to fire Robert Mueller and wishes for a speedy completion of the investigation

The White house is fully prepared to cooperate with spectaculorum müller, investigating alleged connections of the headquarters of the trump of Russia. This was stated press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders on Tuesday in a briefing for the media. However, she refused to answer the question whether the President trump, has repeatedly called the investigation a “witch hunt”, to testify to Mueller, if he asks about it. “We do not comment on who may or may not be called to testify,” said Sanders.

“Why would the President not just fire Muller?”- followed by a question. – “Why not just get rid of it, because it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money?»

“I think we all know what would happen, take the President such a decision,” said Sanders. – “I’m not sure it would benefit the process. The President wished him a speedy conclusion so that they in the end came to the same conclusion as the majority of Americans – that this is absolutely nothing. Most of last year, they, like many of you, spent searching for and digging up something, but so far nothing has been found.”

According to Sanders, the CNN reporters even acknowledged that the people who ask the question about Russia, the answer is that they do not care because it does not affect their lives. “We have repeatedly stated that there was no conspiracy,” said Sanders, “we are ready to move on. And the American people, too.”