The media materials: “the Old style and modernize the Church”

Every year before Christmas in the media and social networks certainly there is a debate about the transition of the Russian Orthodox Church using the Gregorian calendar. This year especially rapidly, because exactly one hundred years ago on the initiative of Lenin in Russia was abolished Julian calendar. Decree obeyed all except the Church. It still haunts secularist and after the calendar they demand “reform” of the liturgical language, and the principles of Church order.

Motivated by the need to move the Orthodox Church to the Catholic calendar in two ways. First, for the New year that is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, I want to eat meat, but that psychologically prevents Christmas post which goes on according to the Julian calendar. Secondly, in cases calendar “backward” Russia should keep pace with the “civilized world”…

Russian Orthodox believers are trying to convince that the secular criteria in matters of their own tradition more important than religious that “upgrade” we need not only technology, but also the relationship between people and the very human personality.

Nevertheless, the Orthodox Church can be no other choice but to adhere to the traditional (“old”) style. Moreover. Sooner or later, and the secular part of our society may have to revert to the Julian calendar that existed in the time of Christ. This may occur because the background of the exhaustion of the potential of globalization in the world there is an increasing tendency to the cultural and civilizational diversity. The notorious “clericalization” neither here nor there, because the cultural-historical choice of the people is equally important for religious and for secular. Because the tradition and its values belong not only to believers, but unbelievers.

Returning to the Christmas theme, it is worth noting one of paradox. If the fans would have a rich new year table and interrupted the post, they would for sure no one blamed because post — it’s strictly voluntary. But the desire to get some kind of “official” sanction, shifting the responsibility on others for their own decision, this approach is not very honest and noble.

Refer to the history of the issue. The change to the Gregorian calendar was the initiative of the Bolsheviks. “The decree about introduction in the Russian Republic of the Western European calendar”, declared that after 31 January 2018, 14 February. Plus, the Bolsheviks instead of the seven day week imposed six days, created the “Renovationist Church” changed the Russian spelling. We are now living is not astronomical, and Lenin’s “maternity” time.

Surprisingly, the same people that rushed us with the burial of Lenin’s body, sometimes so deaf with respect to other problems of the Soviet heritage. And when I am talking about de-Stalinization, de-communization, I want to ask: calendar or spelling “innovations” of the Bolsheviks you also are ready to cancel? Or only those that you personally are not attracted to? But then if you do not put ourselves in the place of history, traditions, people?

In the first years after the revolution designed to break the tradition, psychologically dislocate the Russian people, to paralyze him. The only structure that kept the old style is the Church. It just so happened that she was the guardian of tradition, although it would only be better if this role was played today, and secular institutions. That is why the theme of the calendar should be viewed as national, not only as a Church.


26 Jan 2018.

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