In Poland, the detained participants of the forest party in honor of Hitler

WARSAW, January 23 – RIA Novosti. The Polish authorities continue the detention of participants of clandestine events dedicated to the birthday of the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler, reported the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of the country Eva Bialik.

The TVN 20 January published a report about how the journalists a few months ago, incognito visited on activities undertaken by the NGO “Pride and modernity.” Including talking about the celebration of Hitler’s birthday. In the forest, where it occurred, were hung the flags with swastikas, Nazi marches sounded, and toast those present raised their hands in a Nazi salute.

In this case in Poland have arrested three men indicted concerning, in particular, propaganda of the Nazi regime. According to investigators, the detainees are organizers of the celebration of Hitler’s birthday. One of them seized weapons and ammunition.

“On the orders of the Prosecutor’s office arrested two more people who took part in the “celebration” 128-th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler,” said Bialik.

As previously held, they will be responsible for propaganda of Nazism. According to the Prosecutor during the detention, they found Nazi symbols.

The first of the officials responded to the report of the Minister of internal Affairs and administration of Poland, Joachim Brudzinski. According to him, “in Poland is unacceptable propaganda of fascist, Communist or other totalitarian system”. The Minister said that police will take “appropriate in accordance with their competencies — actions in respect of each person or organization that incites hatred based on national, ethnic or racial grounds”.