The Senate will vote Monday on the issue of “open” government

On Sunday Republicans and Democrats exchanged barbs, laying the blame on each other for partial cessation of work of state institutions

WASHINGTON – the Republican majority Leader in the Senate has appointed on 12 o’clock of Monday, the vote on the resumption of the work of the U.S. government in full.

Legislators will be invited to take a decision on government funding for at least another three weeks.

Leaders and members of both parties spent Sunday in meetings and negotiations, and hope to find a way out of the impasse on the issue of immigration, which led to the closure of the government.

However, serious progress has been made – is unclear.

Earlier on Sunday, moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins told reporters that a group of 22 of her colleagues are determined to find a solution.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell should be “understanding” that after the adoption of the law on temporary financing of the government, the Senate should consider the issue of immigration through long-term budget.

The house of representatives approved a bill on funding the Federal government last week.

But Senate Democrats refuse to support it, requiring the adoption of measures to protect “dreamers” – young immigrants illegally brought to the United States in childhood.

Republicans say they won’t negotiate on immigration, while the government will not resume in full.

Both sides accuse each other of shutting down the government, because of which state institutions perform a critical job because they do not have spending authority for funds.

The head of the Republican majority Mitch McConnell has called the demands of the Democrats on the protection of “dreamers,” “a gigantic political blunder”. According to McConnell, the problem of “dreamers” not an emergency, since the President trump gave legislators time to March 5 to find a solution to the problems of young immigrants.

McConnell after trump called government shutdown (“shutdown”) “Samarovskiy a shutdown” on behalf of the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

In turn, Schumer called the opposition “trompowsky the shutdown”.

He accused the President that a few days ago the head of state agreed to sign the agreement on immigration, but then changed his mind after a few hours. Schumer said that during a meeting in the White house he invited the Trump agreement, which funded the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico in exchange for measures to protect “dreamers”.

“Actually, I gave the President what he wanted (the wall) in exchange for what we both wanted (to protect immigrants from deportation), said Schumer. But he’s not taking “Yes” for an answer.”

Senator Graham on Sunday blamed for the impasse in the debate on immigration at the White house, and in particular the Advisor to trump Stephen Miller, who is a hardliner.

“Every time we speak with some proposal, it is only discarded staff, said Graham on Sunday. – While negotiations on immigration meets Steven Miller, we will get nowhere”.

According to Graham, the immigration views of Miller do not fit into the main trend. The white house has not commented on the words of Graham.

“It is gratifying to see how strongly the Republicans fighting for our military and for the security on the border, wrote the President trump tweeted Sunday. Democrats just want to our country was uncontrolled flows of illegal immigrants”.

Meanwhile, Federal agencies are preparing to send employees on administrative leave and terminate a significant portion of their work, if legislators cannot come to agreement.

In recent years the US government several times was partially closed due to the failure to adopt the budget. The last time it happened in 2013 because of the impasse in inter-party debate on health care. Then, the government remained closed for 16 days, and unpaid leave was sent about 850 thousand civil servants.

What kind of work will be suspended and which will continue? The unequivocal answer to these questions is no. However, there may be suspended the Federal research projects, closed national parks and museums, the deferred payment of tax returns and reviewing applications for the registration of disability ex-servicemen, and also suspended the Federal food assistance programs. All this took place in 2013.