Russia has risen in the ranking of the best countries in the world

MOSCOW, January 23 — RIA Novosti. The magazine U. S. News & World Report published a list of the best countries in the world in 2018, which Russia has occupied 26-e a place.

Last year she got the 27th spot. The “neighbors” of Russia was Thailand, with whom they swapped, and India.

The first five places in the ranking of U. S. News & World Report belong to, respectively, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, UK and Japan. Compared to last year, the leaders of almost not changed.

Just got a list of 80 countries.

States were evaluated on a number of qualities from the tourist attraction and beauty of nature to political influence and level of education. The experts interviewed more than 21 thousand people from 36 countries who had to indicate whether a particular quality suitable to each state from the list.

In addition to the General ranking of countries, U.S. News & World Report made nine lists in separate categories. The level of influence of Russia took the second place.