Mercedes EQ C: photos and video of future, all-electric Model X rival

Mercedes is the proof of EQ C, its first new electric model, in the Arctic Circle, offering our photographers spy an opportunity to capture a prototype unfinished during development.

Due for release in 2019, ahead of getting on the roads in the year after, the all-electric SUV, which measures a little larger than a GLC, will be the rival of the Audi E-tron, Jaguar R-Pace and the Tesla Model X – brand of Mercedes, the first entry in the purpose-built EV market.

Mercedes preview the EQ C when it was revealed the EQ Concept in the 2016 Paris motor show. That car uses a dual-engine power train that delivers more than 400bhp, which suggests the standard EQ C might be more powerful than even the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43, which has 362bhp.

Built on a new development of the Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) of the platform constructed from a combination of hot-formed high-strength steel and aluminum, the EQ C uses a new loom of wiring that allows your transmission line to send up to 100% of torque to the front or rear wheels. The loom basically takes the place of a propeller shaft between the two motors, which are located in each axis, but denies the necessity of a shaft tunnel on the floor – improved space in the cabin.

The flat floor that contains the EQ C lithium-ion batteries can be clearly seen in the EQ C development car, which has smooth sections and lower side sills. The weight of the batteries tends to ensure the EQ C tilts the balance to around 2 000 kg, but the torque of the electric motors must ensure that the straight-line performance will be comparable with the lighter models.

0 to 62 mph time of under 5.0 sec is expected, that is to say, the EQ C is almost certain to be as fast as the GLC 43. On the contrary, when it is driven in a less sporting way, the car is expected to have a range of more than 310 miles on a single charge – which was to align the model almost directly with the Audi E-Tron and the Jaguar I-Pace. Tesla says the Model X can win 351 miles on a single charge.

Although heavily camouflaged, the development of EQ C design of the links with the GLC are evident. Mercedes designers have decided not to give the brand’s first built with the purpose of EV a new look that boasts of its zero-emission credentials, but rather to align your design in close collaboration with the rest of the SUV line.

The model, however, the adoption of various aerodynamic features to reduce drag. The car is going to hide their wipers under a flap along the edge of the lid, while its lack of grill and flat the bottom will be important features to improve the body of the slip.

In the interior, EQ, C will be Mercedes’ next-generation information and entertainment and digital technology. The EQ Concept preview of how it could look, with a wide screen, which covers half of the length of the dashboard, as well as the controls of the touch screen between the driver and the passenger, similar in concept to that of the latest Range Rover Velar. Like the exterior, we expect a lot from the EQ C of the cabin to borrow much of its design from other Mercedes models.

EQ C rivals, the I-Rate and E-Tron, is due to be released at the end of this year, leaving the EQ C in its wake. But Mercedes will quickly follow the EQ C with an EQ, AN all-electric hatchback that was previewed in concept form at last year’s Frankfurt motor show. That car, due to the sale in the year 2020 as the point of entry into the equation of the line, using a double engine setup that produces around 268bhp more than 369lb ft of torque-figures that come from the EQ of A concept.

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