Cosby, back on stage in front of a new trial

US comedian Bill Cosby has made his first stand-up concert from 2015, just months prior to the date of his trial for alleged sexual assault.

The 80 years old actor told jokes about aging and blindness in the LaRose Jazz Club in Philadelphia.

His performance Monday was met with criticism on social media.

Mr. Cosby went to trial in the year 2017, for allegedly sexually abusing a woman in his home in 2004. The jury could not reach a verdict and a new trial is due in April.

The african american actor, who starred in the 1980s TV series the Cosby Show, denies all accusations and says that any encounters with his accusers, including with the Canadian woman is facing trial for assaulting, were consensual.

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Monday performance, which took place at an event in honor of drummer and jazz great, Tony Williams, was a last concert, and the animator of the first in nearly three years.

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Online video footage showed a casually dressed Mr. Cosby, sitting on a stool in the club in front of a small crowd.

He can be heard joking about how they “used to be a comedian” and the reaction he receives when he walks in things.

“There is a perfectly good word called “stop”,” he said, adding: “it’s Not ‘oh-oh-oh-oh-oh’.”
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Mr. Cosby was asked by a reporter from the us network NPR if he thought that the #MeToo campaign could affect the selection of the jury for their next clue.

He simply said: “I don’t know!”

The lord Cosby show was widely criticised on Twitter, with the novelist Terry McMillan tweeted that he was not going to go to a concert, even if she were invited.

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Around 60 women have publicly accused the Emmy award-winning actor of being a sexual predator over five decades, but statute of limitation laws means that only one charge was brought to trial last June, which ended with a hung jury.

Mr. Cosby had enjoyed a family reputation of years before numerous sexual assault accusations came to light in 2015.