St. Petersburg restorers repaired the Novgorod Church of the XIV-XV centuries

Veliky Novgorod. 23 Jan. INTERFAX – the Company “the Renaissance-restoration” completed beginning in 2017 repair and restoration work in the Church of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki in the historical centre of Veliky Novgorod, have informed on Tuesday “Interfax” in the Novgorod Archdiocese.

Restorers replaced the roof, repaired his walls and ceiling. The cost of the work amounted to about 12 million.

“Unfortunately, the budget did not include restoration of the interior of the temple. The deadline remains uncertain. Until that moment, until the Church is restored from the inside, the service probably will not be held”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The stone Church of St. Demetrius on the Trade side of Veliky Novgorod was built in 1381-1383. In 1462 the temple was partly dismantled. A year later, preserving some of the building structures of the ancient masters built in the same place a new Church, extant. After world war II significantly damaged the temple was restored. At the moment it has the status of a Federal monument.