Alfa Romeo 6C sports car in development with V6 engine

The Alfa Romeo 6C – V6-engines-the competition for the Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911 – to- arrival in the early 2020s, after a motor show debut in the next 24 months, says the tuning company Pogea Racing.

Following In the footsteps of the 8C, the 6C will be named according to the number of cylinders under the hood, indicating that the 503bhp used V6 from the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio. The electrification is not excluded, but an all-electric powertrain would probably bypassed – Maserati is bringing the all-electric Alfieri to the market in the same year, the two would probably clash.

It will be sitting above the four-cylinder 4C and act as a halo car of the brand’s range of sports-oriented mass-market models – a rival for the upcoming Toyota Supra. The 4C is also due a refresh next year with improvements to the suspension and steering.

Although the source of the information is not revealed by the German tuning outfit, it is claimed that they work closely with the project and are excited about the car, what a high-level Alfa Romeo executive. An Alfa Romeo spokesman described the claims as speculation, but do not rule out the possibility of a sports car in the future.

Alfa Romeo’s new push is also at the birth of a formula One outfit – the brand has confirmed its partnership with the racing team Clean, and it is likely that the street model will be marketed with at least a claimed influence from the world of motorsport.

The last time Alfa Romeo such a market entered was in 2007, when it produced the Ferrari V8 sports car, the 8C was limited to 500 units worldwide. It is not yet known whether the 6C would be produced in limited number or as a full-blown production model.

In the Wake of the FCA Mazda MX-5 spin-off badged the Fiat 124 is, says the brand is exploring the idea of a successor to the Brera coupe and Spider, albeit with more power and less weight address the criticism of these models. A V6, it’s probably the gap between the beginner-4C, and the supercar-baiting 8C of the last decade.

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