Tatarstan residents have condemned the local joke artist, wyrobiska on the baptism of the Jordan in the form of a Crescent

Kazan. 22 Jan. INTERFAX – Tatarstan brewing scandal over prank Tatar singer Zulfat Zinnurov, posted in his blog in one of social networks a video with the hole made in the form of a Crescent.

The video, posted on Baptism, shows how a few men with chainsaws cut the hole in the form of a Crescent. The entry is accompanied by the comments of Z. Zinnurov. In particular, he says he needs to bring business partners from Finland and China, they are interested in feast of the Baptism and asked him to arrange.

“We, the Muslims, thought and thought and decided: let it be in the form of a Crescent. Came from Finland and China think that the way it should be. All the Christians happy holidays!” – says the singer.

The video has received a lot of feedback, including negative, and ended up in the local media. Some members of the singer condemned his joke.

After this reaction Z. Zinnurov apologized to subscribers and has removed the controversial video. “Friends, once again have seen that today social networks are used to blow-up the resonance and artificial destabilization of the situation! Therefore, your humorous post about the hole decided to remove! Our country, especially a Republic, has always been a model of tolerance, harmony and success. And we are not only proud of it, but I encourage everyone to visit Tatarstan and convince yourself!” – he wrote.

“I am for peace throughout the world. Malicious intent to hurt someone I was not,” added the singer in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of “Interfax”.