The police said the details of Kharkiv liberation of the hostages

During talks with the terrorist head of the criminal police of Kharkiv region Vyacheslav Davydenko was asked to be the hostage instead of the children and women. About it reports a press-service Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

After confirming the information about the hostage-taking in the Department of “Ukrposhta” in the center of Kharkov, the police immediately evacuate citizens.

15:39 law enforcement officers established telephone contact with the hostages, and at 16:00 had received a video in which a terrorist shows wearing on the body explosives, and States that it consists of thousands of submunitions, which it will power using device that holds in the hand.

By order of the first Deputy Minister Sergey Yarovoy was raised by the staff of the Department of KORD in the city of Kiev, on the plane, the National guard flew in Kharkov.

At the same time, Kharkiv CORD and special forces of SBU “alpha” took their original positions, taking the surrounded territory under sniper control.

The negotiating team “of police dialogue” managed to persuade the man to release the two minors 11 and 13 years old, and three women.

In return, he was asked to take the head of the criminal police of Kharkiv region Vyacheslav Davidenko, who was in civilian clothes.

The attacker agreed to the liberation of the people, however, refused to exchange them for a police officer.

At this time, the staff of criminal investigation Department of the Kharkiv region have carried out activities on identification.

After interviewing the freed hostages on the existing signs, and the specific behavior and facial features of the offender could be identified.

They have been previously convicted resident of Kharkiv.

This information greatly helped in the work on his psychological portrait and predictions about its future intentions, according to police.

The management staff it was decided to involve in the negotiation process of the father of the attacker, who agreed and gave a description of the son.

It is reported that the police were planning to storm the premises, however, it difficult to increased technical strengthening of the premises “Ukrposhta”: barred from the inside, the front door is double barred with internal lock.

The offender several times coming out of the negotiation process, became hysterical and threatened to kill the hostages if the special forces will go to the assault.

Also, the police learned that the offender is found in the things of the hostages alcohol.

As reported, to establish the intentions of men during the negotiations was impossible – he had behaved inappropriately.

As you know, the 30 day of December in Kharkov on the street near the shopping center “Growth” of unknown I seized the branch of “Ukrposhta”. In hostages there were 11 people, including 2 children.

On the evening of 30 December the security forces conducted a special operation, during which the spaces occupied buildings “Ukrposhta” was the release of all hostages and detained the attacker.

As reported by the Prosecutor of the region Yuri Danilchenko to get into the building speznaza helped one of the women taken hostage.