The first year of trump: the half-made promise

WASHINGTON, 18 Jan — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The first year of his presidency Donald trump remembered the endless string of scandals, starting with the investigation of “Russian interference” in the elections and ending leapfrog to positions in the White house and the escapades of the President in Twitter. The scandals it was hard to see the effort the trump for the implementation of campaign promises. As with any US President, any success trump was the result of a compromise, and failure is largely the consequence of their own mistakes. However, trump was able, as promised, to accelerate the economic growth and tax reform, and tried to move forward on the issue of immigration. In foreign policy, Trump was nothing special to boast of: aggravated tensions with Russia, North Korea faster than ever perfected its nuclear Arsenal, and trying to change retroactively a nuclear deal with Iran did not find support in the world.
Wall and health

Trump promised to deport all illegal immigrants and their U.S. about 15 million. This promise was impossible to perform, it was not performed. However, the number detained at the border declined to 45-year low — possibly illegal immigrants become afraid brand of the stiffness of the trump. The promise to build a wall is still a subject of bargaining, and it is obvious that some of the border fence will be built on, although it will not be a Grand structure planned by trump. Promise to make Mexico pay for the wall as it was, and remains unrealistic.

An important achievement in the country was made trump a promise to appoint a number of conservative judges, including one judge of the Supreme court. It is not excluded that due to old age of the other members of the Supreme court trump will be able to assign one or two judges and for decades to determine the conservative nature of this extremely important institution, which often puts an end to the internal political debate in the United States.

Trump and the Republicans tried to fulfill long-standing promise to repeal Obamacare Obamacare, which obliges all Americans to buy health insurance, and in return promised subsidies to the poor. The reform increased competition among insurers and an influx of new patients, only inflated prices because the insurers lost the right to refuse policies to people with chronic diseases. Numerous attempts to repeal Obamacare failed in the Senate under the weight of intra-party differences. Consequently, the current system continues to collapse, already the most expensive healthcare in the world continues to rise and trump keeps blaming what is happening in the previous administration.Who voted for Clinton and trump
The economy and taxes

The economy — the sphere of the obvious achievements of trump, who promised economic growth and lowering taxes for all. “The liberal media not talking about the economy, meanwhile the economy was in excellent shape during the first years of the tramp”, — told RIA Novosti lawyer, ex-Senator of the legislative Assembly of Pennsylvania Bruce marks.

Indeed, economic growth in II-III quarters exceeded 3% per annum — though it is not up to the promised trump 4%, but shows a quite rapid and sustainable growth. The unemployment rate fell to 4.1% (from 10% in the midst of crisis, 2009). For exchanges the first year, trump was marked by excessive optimism: the S&P 500 index increased by almost 25%, NASDAQ by 30%.

Trump confirmed the image of a politician ready to do anything for business. Congress held with the participation of the trump tax reform sharply reduced the taxation of corporations that changed the entire economic landscape. “I think the political “base” trump very happy with the tax bill. Significantly reduced corporate tax, simplified tax code and reduced tax ratios for individuals — although not as much as could be hoped for,” — says Marx.

One should not forget that the opposition in the face of the Democrats explains all the achievements of the times trump a “stash” of the previous administration of Barack Obama, in which the recovered, healthy growth. Trump’s criticism that his tax reform is beneficial mainly to the rich, and for trying to cut programs for the poor.

Failure can be called trade policy trump. As promised, he withdrew the U.S. from the TRANS-Pacific partnership, than, quite possibly, gave the initiative in the region to China. Discussions were initiated on updating the NAFTA — a free trade zone with Canada and Mexico, with trump threatening to withdraw from the Treaty. Meanwhile, jobs are not coming back from abroad, as promised by trump: the constant automation of production coupled with high labor costs are eroding the competitive advantages of America. Similarly, it is not clear prospect of the elimination of a huge deficit of U.S. trade with the world primarily with China. The protest movement against trump
On the international scene: a bull in a China shop

Only in foreign policy Trump failed nothing of its promises. He promised to restore the prestige of the United States by any means, but only caused shock around the world mutual altercation with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, has called into question the Iranian nuclear deal and failed to prevent further slipping down the slope of the relations with Russia.

When trump USA, and especially not marked by elegance in action abroad began to resemble the proverbial elephant in a China shop. Trump openly stated at the UN that sees the world as a collection of sovereign States is a serious deviation from the dogma of American leadership — but against attempts to dominate global politics not refused. From NATO trump bluntly demanded “to pay more” — yet the lion’s share of the budget of the Alliance pay US. From China he demanded in an ultimatum form of cooperation on the DPRK and “more than fair” trade. But this way of communicating does not give results. So, trump decided (as promised) to retroactively revise the agreement with Iran on Tehran’s nuclear program that was reached with great effort in 2015. From the EU partners, he demanded the unconditional observance of the requirements of the Washington and Russia and China are full — fledged members of the “six” with which Tehran agreed — and not mentioned. But trump has threatened that all who will not agree to the US demands will be declared complicit in “malicious activities of Tehran.” However, this position did not find support from anyone in the “six”. If the United States continue unilateral actions, they risk to be isolated.

Promises trump to end the DPRK’s nuclear programme also failed. North Korea has tested nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles at an unprecedented rate, proving, according to many experts, the ability to launch a nuclear strike on the United States. Trump threatened the DPRK “fire and fury”, and even “complete destruction”, in response to receiving an equally fierce retort of the DPRK. Altercation nuclear powers on the brink of conflict has led the whole world to extreme stress. In addition to threats, the United States in this case had the decency to “team” work in the UN Security Council with China and Russia. The result are the three resolutions that are unprecedented tightened sanctions against the DPRK and, according to estimates of the United States, blocked up to 90% of export revenue for Pyongyang.

Outstanding are, and the promise of trump “to get along” with Russia. The exchange of measures between Washington and Moscow to reduce diplomatic presence coincided with the adoption in Congress of the law on sanctions. Sanctions against Moscow were tightened and codified (that is, took the force of law), and their cancellation without the consent of Congress is extremely difficult. Trump was forced to sign the bill, although he said that some of its provisions violate the privileges of the Executive.

“If we talk about international relations, yet they are disappointing because there was improvement of relations with Russia”, — says the lawyer Bruce marks, who supported the election campaign of trump. “But a lot of this, unfortunately, was beyond the control of Donald trump. The appointment of spectracolor greatly complicated its ability to deal with Russia, and the Congress is very anti-Russian. Although trump has signed a bill that included sanctions against several countries, including Russia, from a political point of view, he had no other choice,” explained Marx. Promising the President of the United States